Surface mount pickups


I'm thinking about Warmoth-ing up my own Fakenbacker to complement my actual Ric. Basically just an all-maple Velocity build, to be accurate.

Does anyone know offhand if any of the bridge options would work with surface mount pickups? I don't want to use a stop tailpiece if I can avoid it, but I think the angled neck pocket may be the only way to make it happen. I already have some of the GFS surface mounts ( I would like to make work. I checked the dimensions and know the mini humbucker rout would fit, so that's good to go. It's just getting the things under the strings that seems like an issue.
Possibly the best bet may be a TOM, with an angled neck pocket. But even then you may have a challenge as those pickups are going to be proud by 1/2"

You might also need to raise the neck pocket floor with a shim. Examples in the link.