Stupid TOM question


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I've only ever used Strat-style bridges before.  My new Warmoth has a recessed Tune-o-Matic... I wanted something that will stay in tune and sustain better.  Problem is I've never used one of these puppies before!  So I have some stupid questions...  :help:

1. Is the bridge just held onto the posts by the strings, or am I missing something here?  :icon_scratch:
2. Is there any way to adjust the heights of the saddles, or just the whole bridge at once?
3. Those slots seem mighty shallow.  Do people often have problems with strings slipping out of them?
1. The bridge is held on by the string tension, some cooler designs have locking screws.
2. The bridge moves as a complete unit, no individual string adjustment. (The bridge is radiused though)
3. Never had to re-notch the slots on my guitars. (1 Les Paul, 1 Epiphone Sheraton)
Bingo on all three counts.

Though I'd add that on a warmoth with the 10-16 radius, you might consider having the bridge saddles (12" radius) filed/notched to match the ~18.5" radius of the strings at the bridge. I can't testify to this, as I haven't used the warmoth radius with a TOM. Peanut gallery?