Staining on one side of Laminate Accent Lines


I'm planning a build with a laminate top and the laminate accent line binding option (black). I plan to stain on one side of the line, and leave the other side natural, then clear coat over all. What tips can people share to make sure the stain goes only to the accent line, and does not bleed over to the other side? Is taping sufficent? Would it be better to apply the finishes in a particular order?
I'd stain the back and then scrape the binding before the clear. If I did get a little stain on the front which should not happen I'd sand it, then clear the whole guitar.
Are you spraying clear or wiping clear?

If your spraying, you can tape and spray a sealer coat on the part you want left clear, that should protect that surface from the stain.
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Thanks for the input - makes sense. I'll practice these techniques on some scrap before attempting on my actual body :)