Single coil sized P90s?


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Apart from the Rio Grande Dirty Harry's does anyone know of a single coil sized true P90 pickup?

I have ordered Dirty Harrys for my tele but RG's are f*cking nails to get over here in the UK and I will need to wait. Was just wondering if anyone knows another option.
jackthehack said:
Don't know of any myself; can't you just order from Warmoth?b

Yeah but unfortunately It would mean paying ludicrous taxes whereas the comany I have placed my order with are offering these at the same price as SDs in this country. Moneys tight at the minute so I'll have to wait. I was just curious really as to whether the Dirty Harrys were a one off idea. It seems weird none of the other PU companies haven't designed a true P90 PU in a SC size.
well the lindy fralin steel poles have the output of a p-90, and they also have well.. steel poles, like a p-90

also this site has a single coil sized p90 with adjustable steel pole pieces (and switchable magnets, alnico 5 or ceramic 8)
If you give Tim Mills a call at Bare Knuckle (in Devon) he can wind you a single coil to P-90 specs.

Isn't Dirty Harry a ceramic magnet and therefore a bit mental?! :icon_scratch:

I want to try some Rio Grande's at some point to see if all the hype is justified!
There are no true P90 sounding Strat sized pickups.  It cannot be, due to the shape of the coil / winding.

Fralin does it.  Duncan Custom does it.  Lots do it.  But its not the same.
I guess the question is what do you mean by a "true P90?"  If you mean the style of construction, there are lots.  I had a set of the Vintage Vibe SP90's in a partscaster that I just sold and they are great pups.  They don't sound exactly like a full size P90 but they get close and they are great in and of themselves.

If you mean a single coil sized pup that sounds exactly like a P90, then CB's answer is likely accurate.  The shape and size of the coil are too different. 

Of course, the other question is which P90?  I'll bet even with the size and coil shape issues that some of the pups available out there get very close to some of te availabe P90's.
P90's over the  years have been made with:  Alnico V and Alnico II magnets.  And coils from about 7.5k to well over 10k.. 12.5k...

Gibson has changed the recipe many times.  I suspect they have even changed it based on the model of guitar it was meant to be in.

It has been established that they do this currently - whereas - some production is potted, some not, some has enamel coated wire some has other coatings... all the same pickup "model name" but made very differently depending on its application.

A P90 must be as made by Gibson, or a clone of it in some form.

When you start talking about P90-type pickups, then what you're referring to is a single coil pickup, whose magnet and/or magnets are under the coil, with steel poles that are(or are not) adjustable.  A Strat type pickup has magnetic poles, and no under coil magnet is used.

Putting the magnet under the coil allows for greater magnetic pull as larger magnet(s) are used.  It also gives a wider magnetic field, especially if the design uses two magnets (as it should, but not all do).

A Fender Tex-Mex pickup is a "magnet under coil" pickup.
A single rail pickup, using a plain steel rail and two magnets below the pickup is a P90-type pickup.