Planned Hollow Telecaster Build


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I think I'm going to pull the trigger soon on my long-planned hollow carved-top Telecaster build. Here's where I'm landing with the specs and wondering if anyone has any thoughts on my plan here.

Anything obvious I'm missing here?

High level specs (full specs below):
  • Carved top hollow Telecaster in honeyburst w/ P90s, cream binding and two f-holes
  • Gibson-scale Vortex neck with Walnut shaft, Massacar Ebony board, cream binding and satin nitro finish
  • Hipshot hardtail bridge

All together fairly similar to this recent build by @bigfatpaul I just saw (and absolutely love):

Here's the stuff I've been wrestling over:
  • Should I go with a unfinished (burnished) Indian Rosewood neck or Walnut with satin nitro?
    • I have another build with a roasted maple neck I had applied a few light coats of Tru-Oil to. I recently stripped that off the back of the neck and did the @Cagey routine of burnishing by sanding incrementally from 400 up to 2000. I really like the feel, but think I ultimate prefer the feel of of my satin poly-finished guitars. I've never played a rosewood neck or even a neck with nitro, however.
  • Should I do the off-menu LP-style switch placement (similar to @bigfatpaul 's build) with a master tone + volume by F-holes? Or a switch + master volume/tone near the F-holes
    • I'm leaning toward the "2 F-Hole CT Tele® 3 Pot Controls" option and reaming out one of the holes for a 3-way switch. partially so all wiring is easily accessible in control rout.
    • I can't decide what order to put the controls in:
      • Switch - volume - tone
      • Volume - switch - tone
      • Volume - tone - switch
  • Definitely want to do a honey burst over black korina, but wavering on back finish:
    • Clear
    • Transparent amber
    • Transparent amber (burst over)
    • I suppose they'll all look great, but having trouble seeing the different between trans amber vs. burst over trans amber when there is binding on the body.
  • Unique choice or not:
    • Thinking that I'll splurge on unique choice for both the top and freatboard since this is kind of my dream build and I want everything just so, but it seems like Warmoth usually selects really nice pieces of wood either way.

Construction: Carved Top - Hollow
Core Wood: Black Korina
Lam Top Wood: Black Korina/Black Korina DL
Unique Choice: Yes
Right / Left Handed: Right-Handed
Control Cavity: Rear Rout (Standard)
Neck Pickup Rout: P90
24 Fret Reposition: No
Middle Pickup Rout: None
Bridge Pickup Rout: P90
F-Holes: 2 F-Holes
Control Layout: 2 F-Hole CT Tele® 3 Pot Controls
Controls: Volume 1, Tone 1, Tone 2
Jack Rout: 7/8" (22mm) Side Jack Hole
Bridge Rout Type: Hardtail
Bridge Rout: Hipshot Hardtail Bridge
Mounting Holes: Standard 4-Bolt
Neck Pocket Shape: Tele®
Body Contours: Contoured Heel
Binding & Edge Decorations: Cream Binding (Carved Top)
Battery Box: None
Paint Category: Burst
Top Color: Honey Burst
Back Color: Transparent Amber
Satin or Gloss: Gloss

Construction: Tiltback Gibson® Scale Conversion
Shaft Wood: Walnut
Fretboard Wood: Ebony (Macassar)
Unique Choice: Yes
Nut Width: 1-11/16" (43mm) - Modern Medium
Right / Left Handed: Right-Handed
Neck Back Profile: Standard Thin
Fretboard Radius: Straight 10.5"
Number of Frets: 22
Scallops: None
Binding: Cream Binding
Fret Size & Material: SS6150 - Wide & Tall (Stainless)
Tuner Hole Size: Schaller / Sperzel (25/64")
Inlay Shape: Premium Dots
Inlay Material: Mother Of Pearl
Side Dots: White Side Dots
String Nut: Standard Nut - GraphTech White TUSQ XL
Mounting Holes: Standard 4-Bolt
Neck Heel Shape: Tele® Shape (Non-standard) - decided to go Tele shape on neck rather than Strat-shaped on the body
Finish: Clear Satin Nitro (Non-Maple Neck)

Planned hardware:
  • Fralin noiseless P90s in cream covers
    • Also considered mini-humbuckers, but think I'm gonna go with P90s
  • 500k pots + 3 way toggle
  • Hipshot hardtail bridge
  • Hipshot locking tuners
  • Aaron's favorite oversized strap buttons

Any thoughts are appreciated!
Well, many of the choices are subjective.
The main thing to point out is the let Warmoth choose option will not get you a unique choice grade.
Warmoth's clear satin nitro necks have a good feel to them.
Thanks @stratamania! That makes me feel good about springing for the unique choice to get what I want.

Definitely subjective on a lot of the points I'm wavering on. Feeling that paranoia around getting everything exactly right before I order since this will be far and away my most expensive build so far haha. Really looking forward to putting this one together.
@teleme01 Does it make a big difference? I have never seen or played one in person.

I weirdly don't see the option to select an Earvana nut on the site, at least with the Vortex configured the way I have it. I wonder if there is a limitation preventing me from selecting that? 🤔
i have not played a warmoth neck without one, ihave seen chat about having setup procedures that i didnt have to do, the nut is somehow machined to the individual neck.
Not disagree with the Aaron, but I like the Schaller locking tuners. If this is your dream guitar, then splurge and get the customer choice wood options.
@Rick I’ve had both the Schaller locking strap locks and the oversized strap buttons, and I gotta with Aaron on the oversized ones. I like not needed to put the locks on my straps and I’m not doing anything to require the extra security. Schallers would be my second choice though!