Screamin' Deals Mega Sale starts today!

Also, still holding out for the mysterious next run of Meadowhawks. Only one day left for "later this year" ;) ...

Whoa, I really want one of those.

As usual, things have taken longer than we hoped. They are mostly done at this point, and they are glorious. 2024?

As an aside, I learned long ago to never predict dates on projects like these. Shame on me for doing it again, as vague as it may have been.
That wenge and purple heart neck is beautiful but I don't play bass.
I do, but either I missed it, it wasn't a style that met my aesthetic, or it was out of my price range :(

I love a wenge/purpleheart combo on a neck, especially for bass.
Also, didn't mention it earlier, but I managed to snag a $50 piece finally. It literally appeared just as I had checked in on my bookmark, did something else for a moment, came back & refreshed the page, and holy crap there was a piece that was actually NOT there when I first landed on the page. Even after shipping, it came out to what I would typically pay for a body blank so that was a heck of a bargain since I don't have to do the cutting, shaping, and routing!

A swamp ash Tele with humbucker rout in the neck pickup position. Taking a cue from @alexreinhold, I might turn this into a metal Tele. ;)