Scored a nice 'un today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill in SC

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I have a nearly NEW Warmoth padouk/ebony 6105 stainless frets, Planet Waves tuners, roller tree, Strat neck for this baby! Price was RIGHT! Might throw a set of Gibson '57 Classics in her. Life is GOOD! (today)  LOL!  Might need some hardware from you, Greg.
Bill in SC
Hey Bill in SC, this is Guitlouie in NC, but I won't hold it against you! That should be one hell of a thinline!  I say go for the 57 classics, unless Burstbuckers are the other option, then I say go for those.  Either way, looks like it is shaping up to be a kick butt project!
Me too! Picked up this VIP refinish job for 190 Canadian...


'Sup, Louie? I was over at the old unofficial Warmoth forum, and just found this new one. Where in NC are you? I am in Bennettsville, SC. My main axe is a Warmoth '72 Thinline mahogany tele with a pau ferro/pau ferro board neck, Planet Waves tuners, and a 'Big Bottom' set of Rio Grande humbuckers. This baby is a player! Warmoth rules!
BB in SC[
Here's my other one.

Here is the neck that is going on the one I got today.

This neck is currently on a Clapton Strat body, which will now be for sale.
Nice!  I'm in the great capital city Raleigh NC.  It's nice to have ya here!
Thanks for the welcome. I have a cousin who has a flower shop in Raleigh. I used to fish lake Jordan occasionally.

Super nice thinline.

The body you bought on ebay said the finish was spray canned. Are you going to refinish it?
The pickups in the mahogany thinline are a Rio Grande 'Tall Boy' at the neck and a Rio Grande 'Muy Grande' at the bridge. As for the finish, it is also  rattle can job in a satin poly. I don't know if I will strip the eBay acquisition or not. Depends on how good it looks when it arrives. There is nothing wrong with a spray canned finish if applied properly. I really appreciate the compliments, folks!!  :)
Bill in SC
GOT my body today!!! Absolutely striking, and the rattle can lacquer is impeccable, damn near factory quality! The Korina even has flame in it!  I already have the neck bolted up.  Will certainly post pics upon completion. Need a set of Gibson '57 Classics real bad. the hunt is on! Check out this flame!
BB in SC