September 2011Guitar/Bass of the month submissions ( 8 entries )


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I'm pleased to announce the September, 2011 Guitar of the Month contest.  September's contest will be for "Owner Finished" instruments.

Please read the GOM rules, which have been refined, with some slight changes, and are posted in a sticky in this forum area.

Submissions must be sent, to, and contain two images no greater than 1024x768, along with your description and details of the instrument.

In turn, those images will posted to this message, which is septembers's submission thread.  

Submissions will be accepted from September 1st to September 7th, so get your cameras clicking!

All discussion for the submissions can take place below, along with other pictures hosted by the poster.  

Good luck, and may the best guitar/bass win!

by Eric Banjitar

This unique instrument was dreamed of, designed, built, wired and finished by the owner as his first attempt at building an instrument.  The stain was mixed and applied using dyes and mineral spirits. The finish is a rattle-can nitro-cellulose lacquer.

The neck is a Warmoth flame-maple angled-paddle, standard shape 10/16, gold 6105 frets, rosewood fretboard with Graph Tech Black nut.  It has Gold,locking Schaller tuners.  The headstock was designed, shaped and carved by owner/builder.  The design was influenced (obviously, I guess) by a mandolin.

All banjo parts were purchased from Gold Tone Musical Instruments: 6 string "es" tailpiece, aluminum tone rim (I polished the contact surface), gold 8" tension hoop. I handmade a compensated 5/8" radius bridge  (Pictures can be found at: )and a 10" clear Mylar drum head.

This banjo has a stereo output running two separate circuits.One side of the output(transducer) feeds an acoustic amp (Acoustic AG60), the other leg goes to effects and then a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp. The pickups are switched with a three-way switch (neck, both, body ). Each pickup has its own volume pot.  There are no tone knobs. Tone comes from amps/effects. The Neck pickup is a Lollar Vintage tele framed by a gold, reversed strat flange. All flanges are recessed to flush. The EMG-HZ  pick up is modified with a under-the-pickup spring and bolting configuration designed to force the pickup firmly onto the underside of the head as far toward the neck as possible. The EMG HZ pickup is coil tapped with a push/pull knob.  The acoustic pickup is a Schatten utility piezo. I am currently saving-up for a better piezo (Schatten bj-02). Send checks.

The back of the body is a book-matched quilted maple. With a transparent head installed, you can see the quilted maple of the back through the head from the front.  The front is a hippie-sandwich of swamp ash, and walnut with cherry and maple veneer stripes. The middle (between back and front of guitar body) is mahogany. This guitjo-banjitar monster weighs nearly 10 pounds (lots of metal parts). It can sound clean and very banjo-like or sound more like an electric guitar and the transitions are blend-able using volume knobs and foot pedals. It is fast to play and looks as unique as it sounds.

Thanks for all the help, advice and encouragement from forum-folk and Warmoth employees. You guys rock!



by tubby.twins

The body is made of solid Walnut, and the neck is made of Wenge with
Purpleheart laminate stripes and a beautiful lined fretless fingerboard
made of Ziricote.

The pickups are a pair of Q-Tuner sidewinders, and the visible controls
are attached to an ACG EQ-01 filter-based onboard pre-amp.



by Kuro Uma

Modified Carved Soloist
Alder/Flamed Maple
Custom neck heel and lower horn sculpting
Recessed neck ferrules
720 Mod
Flamed Mahogany rear cavity cover
Angled Paddle head cut to a reverse KL/Hetfield shape
Flamed maple veneer
Flamed Mahogany truss cover
24 fret, 25 1/2 scale
SS 6105's
Wizard profile, 10-16 radius
Bare Knuckle Painkillers calibrated set (reversed magnet on the neck pickup)
BKP Custom Audio Taper 550K CTS ¾" long shaft pots
Jensen BKP 0.022μfd capacitor
5-way Megaswitch P-model
Graphtech LB63 Floyd Rose Bridge with piezos
Graphtech Advanced Acousti-phonic preamp kit
Black EVH D-Tuna
Goldo BackBox for the floyd
Black stainless steel bolt on kit from Oynx Forge with the black neck bolt ferrules
Black metal dome knobs and black electrosocket jack plate.
Grover Rotomatics 18:1
Black dyed Maple and Alder – no black paint was used
The only paint is Spraymax 2K clear urethane buffed to a high mirror gloss
Natural binding carried over into the filigree pattern
Black filigree design on the fretboard
Natural binding on raised section of the peghead
Slowy brought to life in my garage



by keeper006

Warmoth mahogany body, I finished it with Tru-Oil and 3M rubbing compound/Finishing material, EMG pups
Warmoth rosewood neck w/ ziricote fretboard, stainless frets, Planet Waves locking tuners

My daughter surprised me with the little Gibson headstock sticker after I had shown her what I was building, which was very special to me.
The sticker of the asian guy is from an old skate video from when my brother and I were skateboarding punks 25 yrs ago called "The Search For Animal Chin".
I named it after the Dethklok song after a marathon viewing of Metalocalypse episodes while waiting for the finish to dry.



By Syntheticocean

Both the body, and neck are Warmoth. The finish was done entirely by me.



By HybridAxe

Warmoth neck, Jackson-style headstock (compound radius, Wizard, SS6115 frets, Abalone inlays)
Goncalo Alves fretboard
Tung oiled Maple neck
Sperzel locking tuners
DiMarzio Air Norton (neck) and Tone Zone (bridge) wood mounted pickups
Floyd Rose "PRO" tremolo and nut
Schaller strap locks
Ibanez RG Alder body by Legacy One Guitars
Routed tremolo to 3/4 inch depth producing a 5 step bend (E to A increase in pitch)
Grain filled with Timbermate water-based filler
3 color finish (black "fake" binding on side and front edges, red angled stripes around sides, titanium gray body)
Urethane throughout: SprayMax 2K clear (also used as a sealer) and primer, Alsa paints with Preval Sprayer
Painted entirely in my DIY indoor spray booth
Buffed smooth with 3M Perfect-it II



By Jalane

This guitar began it's life as a beat-up and abused Koa body from the 70's.  I repaired the structural and cosmetic issues and added this beautiful warmoth flame maple neck.  I applied the finish to both the body and neck using Reranch shoreline gold and Seagrave nitro lacquer for the clear coats.  Lollar vintage T pickups, Callaham bridge, & 4-way wiring (with series/parallel option).  The neck is a Warmoth Vintage Modern and has an indian rosewood fingerboard, SRV contour, and 6130 frets.



by Marko

Warmoth Rosewood/Ebony Neck
Fender Contemporary Strat body
stripped and stained with a couple of hundred coats of orange wood burst stain!!
Planet Wave Tuners
System I Trem



Does it count if someone helped & guided me through the process of finishing but I actually did 90% of the work?

I tried this once & the result wasn't what I hoped for, but it still turned out ok.

Can I submit this although it wasn't a 100% effort on my part alone?
Reminder:  Be sure to include your "forum handle/name" when submitting entries. 

Kuro Uma...very nice axe.  Lots of cool features too.  the obvious is the artwork and dye job.  I also love how you carved the body as well as recessed both the floyd and EVH D-Tuna.  It amazes me that Eddie in his own EVH line does not recess the floyds and D-tuna.  I think it allows for greater range of the floyd.

nice work
I've never looked at 2 :kewlpics: of a Bass Guitar for so long  :eek:  ........ Damm you I just dribbled all over my keyboard.  :toothy11:

Some top notch wood in that beast  :icon_thumright:

Is the fretboard ie: fret fills by yourself  ?  or do Warmoth do this on special orders ?
I really hope the banjitar wins. While I dislike the thing immensly I can only imagine what kind of passion was put into making that guitar. I believe the GotM should go to guitars that really took some effort to do. A few months back a guitar won that wasn't even finished. Kick to the balls of the other people who put all kinds of time into actually finishing their guitars.
So far as of now Banjitar has my vote. I see that thing and go gaga over the hand work in it. from the head stock on down that thing is full of hand work that is one of a kind. I can only imagine the time it took to hand fit every detail to fit it all. I mean even the templates had to be hand made.
Great entries so far! I have an early favorite, but I'll wait a bit and see what other incredible guitars we see this month. I'm excited to see more!