Rorschach Test

i love the top......but not a fan of the black grainfilling...but i bet lots of others guys will love the back :icon_smile:
Mickey Mouse wizard apprentice from "Fantasia" on front,  swamp ash grain on back, let me get home from work, hit the bong and concentrate on the back further....
In the front, I see roadkill, some sort of small mammal squashed flat with it's arms and legs all splayed out.  On he back all I see is the trem cavity....I hate trems...
On the back, nothing. On the front, however, I see a few sexual acts involving multiple figures. But I won't go into details due to this being a respectable family site and all. But I'm pretty sure I see a couple, "activities and parts" there...


But I also see a tall, muscular monkey wearing a pointed hat.

What do I win?
2.A large persons backside imprint in the sand.
3.Bait on the end of a vey long electronic line.  :laughing7:

I love the color scheme.

i see an innocent pie faced child singing Christmas carols to the homeless.
i see the good in all man kind, i see a nun reading to the deaf, i see the soul of a horse fly eating a bagel.
i see an ant burning a child with a magnifying glass, i see a cholo beating a cop, i see a nazi helping an old woman across the street.
and on the guitar i see quilt maple on swamp ash, painted in a burst like fashion.
:redflag:                                                                                                  I see someone buying that sucker real soon!!!>>>>>>  :toothy12: :toothy12: :toothy12:
Looks like Schmoopy already had the bong ready when writing this  :icon_biggrin:

I too see Mickey Mouses Evil Twin brother with a set of giant balls, sitting on top of somebody else's giant buttocks..
sorry, that was not so family friendly.. but you asked.