PUP recommendations for a three pickup hardtail jazzmaster

OK, the plan is rout for humbuckers, use the dimarzio minihums. If they don't work out, then a set of Widle BL's. If they don't work out then go with the old stand by and make up a seymour duncan set. Next figure out what switching to use.
If you get yours before mine let me know how you like the PG13's they are a hot contender for the jazzmaster body I ordered a couple weeks ago.
I have the dimarzio vintage neck minihumbucker and it's one of the best sounding pickups I've ever had. I'm going to write to DiMarzio and see what they think about putting the PG-13M, between two vintage minhumbuckers, or if it would be better to go with the PG's all the way, or if they would recommend another pickup to go in the middle of the two vintage pups. Once that's sorted, then switching (probably a freeway switch with 20 combinations and a miniswitch), then the bridge (Probably a callaham american standard hardtail with three brass bridge), then the tuners (probably hipshot griplock open back with ump plate), then the string tree (probably a reverend three), then the neck, then the body, then the case.

I've got about four months before I place my order for the body and neck.
I found a fella on reverb that winds some nice 59 style pickups and I was planning to ask him to wind me so Minihums but I also am a big fan of the Injector Strat pickups from DiMarzio and I dont thing Paul Gilbert would steer me wrong getting the PG-13 set as well.
Weird ... I had a dream last night . If the minihumbuckers don't workout then Seymour Duncan jb bridge pickups will work in the bridge and middle and a jazz in the neck. They must have nickel covers. It was sort of like an anxiety dream. I knew if I got the minihums, and their was something wrong with them, then the duncans would work out just fine. I woke up in peace, thinking maybe I should just go with the duncans.

But now I wonder, why the heck can't I dream about saving for retirement or how to make a million dollars. Jeez.
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Could be, I was reading that book 1001 guitars to play before you die, before I went to sleep and maybe it got all jumbled up. I can't wait for AI to arrive, I need some.