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December 2020 Guitar of the Month contest!

This is a special Runners-Up contest for all those who just missed out on the top spot! The winner will qualify for the 2020 Guitar of the Year contest coming up in January!

As usual, discussion about the submissions can take place below.

Please do not post replies that show additional photos of the entrant's guitars, but links to other UnofficialWarmoth threads or external sites are fine.

Good luck, and may the best guitar/bass win!


Guitar #1 Rgand


Shape - Custom
Wood - Alder
Finish - Blue Lacquer by Greg Grubaugh aka Tonar8353
Selector Switch - 3-way toggle
Coil Split Switches - Push on/off
Control Knobs - Black plastic fluted
Pots - Bourns B500K
Tone Cap - .033
Bridge - Tele humbucker, top/string-through loading
String-Through Ferule Plate - Monkey Jack
Strap Locks - Schaller S-Lock
Pickguard - Custom, ceam/black/cream
Control Plate - Custom, stainless steel

Neck - Bill Lawrence USA L500R
Bridge - DiMarzio F-spaced neck DP-103 36th Aniv. PAF w/open cover

Construction - Warmoth Pro
Profile - Standard thin
Wood - Roasted maple with rosewood fretboard
Marker Spots - Cream
Frets - SS6150
Radius - 10-16 compound
Nut - White GraphTech TUSQ XL
Tuners - Hipshot Staggered, Locking Grip Lock
Headstock - Custom
Mounting - Steel threaded inserts w/stainless machine screws




Guitar #2 Rick

StratoMaster Deluxe (Ovation Edition)

Jazzmaster Alder (chambered body from the showcase)
7/8's jack side hole
Routed for three humbuckers
Tummy cut and Forearm contour.

Gotoh NS510T steel saddles, zinc block
2 point trem 10.5 spacing
String Saver Classic saddles with insert
Rail Hammer Anvil Bridge Humbucker Chrome
Rail Hammer Chisel Neck Humbucker Chrome
CTS500K Pots 
MJ1  Mono Jack, By Switchcraft
SJP1C  Square Side Jack Plate, Chrome
S1 Pickguard Screws, Chrome                 
S4  Neck Screws, Chrome
Hipshot O-Ring Guitar or Bass Control Knob, Polished Chrome (Volume)
Hipshot Mini O-Ring Guitar or Bass Control Knob Chrome  (Tone)

Free-way 3b3-01 Switch wired for
bridge and neck parallel
bridge and neck series
bridge and neck out of phase series (very nasally)
bridge and neck out of phase parallel (slightly nasal)

Dunlop dual design strap locks chrome
Felt under jack plate               
Felt washers under strap pins 
Blue shell jazzmaster pickguard by Warmoth

Aussie Ocean Turquoise made from
a wudtone dye kit, T-bird, plus extra pigment and a bottle of sparkle (12 coats)
Followed by 23 coats of Tru-Oil

Warmoth, Superwide Strat, Right Handed Reverse, Birdseye Maple,
Indian Rosewood, Wolfgang profile, 21 frets, stainless frets,
Arizona Turquoise Stone Dots, GraphTech White TUSQ XL - Standard Nut

Engraved Neck Plate (with black plastic pad)
Hipshot Grip-Lock 6 in line Left Hand staggered post Chrome locking tuner with UMP plate 
Hipshot Button Set A12 Amber

NECK Finish
Sunset Orange Amber with highlighted birds eyes.
Keda 5 dye powder kit (First Coat Dark Amber, Second Coat Orange Amber)
Tru-oil 15 coats

Daddario Strings 10’s

Weighs 7Lbs  3.2 oz




Guitar #3 xParallax


Body (Finished by Warmoth): 
Tele Deluxe in Roasted Swamp Ash, finished in Clear Gloss

Vintage 6 Hole Tremolo Rout, Tummy Cut, White Binding and White Pearloid Pickguard.

Neck (Finished by Warmoth):
Modern Construction Stratocaster neck, Maple shaft with Indian Rosewood Fretboard and Roasted Swamp Ash headstock veneer.

Standard Thin, 10-16”, 22 Gold 6150 Frets, White Binding, White Pearloid block inlays, White TUSQ nut, Clear Gloss finish

Bridge: Gotoh 6 Screw Vintage Tremolo in Gold (with Stainless Steel Block)
Tuners: Fender 'F' Staggered Locking Tuners in Gold
Pickups: IronGear Rolling Mill (Neck), IronGear Rolling Mill Overwound (Bridge) in Gold Covered
Controls: 2x CTS 500 ohm Push-Pull Pot (Tone Control both Pickups w/Coil Split), 2x CTS 500ohm Standard Pot (Volume Control both Pickups)
Knobs: Barrel Knob with White Pearloid Inlay in Gold
Strap Locks: Fender Infinity Locks in Gold




Guitar #4 SideshowDom


54 P Bass
Swamp Ash
Front rout
Stained black with neon green grain filler and satin clear coat
Black Schaller 463 bridge
Seymour Duncan SPB-2

Reverse Tele bass neck maple
Maple fretboard
SS6105 stainless frets
Clear satin finish
Black Schaller tuners
DR Neon Hi-Def green strings




Guitar #5 Mirovox

-Warmoth swamp ash body in sonic blue
-Warmoth African Ebony neck, solid, with block markers.
-Tuners are locking Schallers
-Bridge is Mastery M1
-Vibrato is Mastery
-The entire body cavity is completely caged in copper shielding.
-Mini-pots are Alpha, Main pots are CTS, with 500k in tone position
-Treble bleed from Rothstein
-Wiring is all cloth-covered pull-back
-The pickups are Curtis Novak JM Gold Foil humbuckers, single-coil tapped
-The rhythm circuit in the up position engages the two mini-pots that dial *between* double-coil humbucker and single-coil. This is commonly termed "dial-a-tap" or "spin-a-split".
Guitar is being plek-ed right now here in Austin and getting a new bone nut installed.




Guitar #6 Steve St.Laurent

One off Headless/Travel Guitar (no compromise)

Warmoth Body Blank:
Swamp Ash
Right handed
Humbucker (Neck), Strat® (Middle), Humbucker (Brdg) - 24 fret reposition
Recessed TOM
Strat® Shape neck pocket
Black burst over red dye NitroCellulose by me
Padouk control door
Padouk inlay for tuners
Custom laser engraved neck plate
Contoured heel
Steinberger Tuners

Warmoth Pro Stratocaster
Padouk/Kingwood (unique choice)
Right Handed
Standard thin
SS6105 (Stainless)
Bloody Basin Jasper Dots
Mother Of Pearl Side Dots
10-16" Compound
24 fret
GraphTech Black TUSQ XL
Telecaster string ferrules

Lace Sensor Hot Gold HSH

5 way wiring:
  1 - Bridge
  2 - Bridge + Neck in series out of phase
  3 - Bridge + Neck in series in phase
  4 - Bridge & Neck in parallel
  5 - Neck

Toggle switch turns on middle middle in any position of the 5 way
Volume push/pull to split both coils
TBX Master Tone




Guitar #7 The Deacon

Warmoth Showcase
Style: Telecaster®
Construction: Modern Construction
Orientation: Right Handed
Neck Wood: Roasted Maple
Fingerboard Wood: Roasted Maple
Pre-Cut Installed String Nut: GraphTech White TUSQ XL - Standard Nut
Inlays: Black Face Dots
Side Dots: Black Side Dots
Finish: Clear Satin Nitro
Neck Plate:Cicada Summoning Logo with Sobriety Date as S/N

Warmoth Showcase
Model: Telecaster®
Wood: Flame Maple on Mahogany
Contours: Contoured Heel / Tummy Cut / Forearm
Binding: Natural Masked Accent
Top Finish: Red Dye
Back Finish: Transparent Red
Finish Type: Gloss Finish

Electronics & Hardware:
Neck: Seymour Duncan Stack
Bridge: Lace Alumitone Deathbucker
Wiring: 3 way mini selector, 0.022uF Russian PIO caps
Bridge: Babicz FCH-TELE-HUM-BFG




Guitar #8 Dano

Rosewood Telecaster Body
-Rosewood with Maple center laminate body purchased from an individual in Brazil.
-Finished by owner with multiple coats of hand rubbed Tru-Oil.
-Black 3-Ply Nylon Pickguard

Warmoth Indian Rosewood neck
-Modern Construction Neck (Truss Rod)
-6150 Jumbo SS Frets
-10" - 16" Compound Radius Neck
-Graphtech Black Tusk Nut XL Standard Nut
-Grover 505C 18:1 inline Locking Tuners

Electronics, etc.
-Seymour Duncan Lil' 59 Bridge Pickup
-Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder Neck Pickup
-500k CTS Volume and Tone Potentiometers
-Russian PIO (Paper in Oil) 0.022uF Tone Capacitor
-Oak Grigsby 4-Way Blade – Bridge, Bridge + Neck, Neck, Bridge and Neck in Series)
-Switchcraft Output Jack
-Gotoh GTC202 Telecaster Guitar Bridge Tele Steel Saddles w screws - CHROME




Guitar #9 Mirovox

Mirovox Gold 12

Body is Chambered jazzmaster, Mahogany with Flame Maple Top, finish is Tobacco Burst.

Neck is Fender 65 XII in Wenge with African Ebony board, Pearloid Blocks and 6150 Frets, Modern construction, that side truss rod adjuster comes in handy with the extra tension from the 12 strings.

Bridge is Gotoh 12 in Gold, tuners are Hipshot locking with Amber buttons. PIckups are Lindy Fralin standard jazzmaster. Interior is completely caged in copper, wiring is all cloth wiring, treble bleed circuit.



If your interested in more info on #6 there's a build thread here:

More good pics and details in the misc guitar area here:
Seems like I've already voted for a statistically significant number of these once :laughing7: My vote is in, congrats in advance to the runner up!  :toothy12:
-VB- said:
My vote is in, congrats in advance to the runner up!  :toothy12:
Almost guaranteed I voted for the runner up, no matter which month
swarfrat said:
-VB- said:
My vote is in, congrats in advance to the runner up!  :toothy12:
Almost guaranteed I voted for the runner up, no matter which month

Well, that bodes well for me, 2 guitars submitted and 2 Runner Ups, yeesh I can't catch a break.
Mirovox said:
swarfrat said:
-VB- said:
My vote is in, congrats in advance to the runner up!  :toothy12:
Almost guaranteed I voted for the runner up, no matter which month

Well, that bodes well for me, 2 guitars submitted and 2 Runner Ups, yeesh I can't catch a break.

Welcome to the forum.

As this is your first post (hopefully of more) it seems you have two breaks to already be in this month's entries twice :icon_thumright:

I've entered more times than I can count, and I've only ever won the thing once...  :)
Congratulations to Parallax, a worthy win among many strong contenders this month  :icon_thumright:
Wow thanks everyone! Didn’t expect this at all!

Been lurking but not posting for a while to try not get too carried away and curb my G.A.S!

A lot of beautiful guitars back in May when I entered mine in, and I came runner-up to the best guitar back then!

Every guitar this month is awesome too, and deserved to win! I’m honoured to have won it against all of these! They truly are a credit to each and every builder out there and of course to Warmoth for supplying us the awesome parts to do so!

Thanks all!