Possible Warmoth sighting in GuitarWorld Magazine -- Scotti Hill of Skid Row


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On page 110 of the latest issue of GuitarWorld Magazine, in an article about the "Rocklahoma" 80's Glam Metal festival you can see a picture of Scotti Hill of Skid Row with what looks like a Warmoth Pro Strat Neck. No top truss rod hole and no logo on the peghead.
"Rocklahoma" 80's Glam Metal festival???? That sounds truly terrifying, let me get this thread started:

1.) How much did they pay people to attend?
2.) Was there a sign at the entrance that said "No Mullet, No Entry!!!"?
And I thought I posted this in the "General" forum.
Well, according to the pictures, A: Women in their late 40's do generally not look god in a tiny bikini, B: Men in their late 40's should not wear makeup.
I read that article, didn't notice the warmoth neck (not to say it wasn't there, I just wasn't looking for it).

They had a special "booth" called Mullet Island, actually. It was a nighttime party place, complete with a stripping pole. It was a depressing article.
I'm a pretty big Skid Row fan, but I've never done much research about their equipment. I think he used to cover the logos up on the guitars he used with tape. Maybe the guitar was strat head Charvel with the logo sanded off. Of course it could just be a Warmoth.

I didn't think the article was depressing. Sure there were some c-list glam metal acts there, but there were a couple bands that I would have liked to have seen. I can't say as much for most festivals here in the US.
Is this the one you're refering to?

Well, this guitar can be a Warmoth... But we only will know when Mr Hill or one Warmoth's employee tell us... =)

(why he uses too much tape??? :icon_scratch:)