November 2015 Guitar of the Month Contest Submissions


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We are now announcing the November, 2015 Guitar of the Month contest!  November's contest will be "Warmoth/professionally finished" and requires at least a Warmoth neck or body to qualify.

Please read the GOM rules, which have been refined, with some slight changes, and are posted in a sticky in this forum area.

Submissions must be sent, to, and contain two images no greater than 1024x768, along with your description and details of the instrument.  Send your submission in plain text email.  Your photos must be attachments to the email.  Your unOfficialWarmoth Forum user name must be included in the body of the email.

In turn, your images will posted to this message, which is November's submission thread.

Submissions will be accepted from now until November 7th, so get your cameras clicking!

As usual, discussion about the submissions can take place below.

Please do not post additional photos in any replies to this thread.  Links to other UW threads or external sites are fine. Links will not be included in the entry descriptions.

Please try to stick to the entry requirements:
1024x768 pixel images maximum as attachments please, not embedded in the email or linked to external sites.

Include your UnOfficialWarmoth Forum user name.

Instruments finished by Warmoth (or another professional finisher) this month.

Sorry, but entries that do not meet these requirements may not be included in the contest. If you're having technical difficulties, get in touch!  (But only about contest entries please!)

Good luck, and may the best guitar/bass win!

Guitar #1 by DocNrock

Swamp Ash, clear gloss
Contoured heel
Unique Choice flame maple cap, black binding
Washed black dye finish, clear gloss
Two humbuckers
Non-recessed OFR with a 47mm big brass block

3A Birdseye maple, 1-11/16" nut width (R4)
Unique Choice birdseye fingerboard
Black Mother of Pearl Inlays
Black binding
6100 SS Frets
Standard compound radius
Wizard profile
Grover Tuners
Customized Truss Rod Cover

Other Components:
DiMarzio Tone Zone bridge
DiMarzio Norton neck
RS Guitarworks 500k volume pot
CTS 500k tone pot
Jensen paper/oil 0.022 uf tone cap
3-way toggle.
Black round-top knurled knobs
Standard output jack
Square jack mount
And, of course, a Doug-special neck plate



Guitar #2 by heywood

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

Warmoth Chambered Stratocaster®
Wood: Flame Maple on Swamp Ash
Bridge: American Standard Strat® Tremolo
Jack Rout: Strat® Top Jack Rout
Neck Pocket: Strat® Shape
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt
Contours: / Tummy Cut / Forearm Contour
Binding: Natural Masked Binding
Top Finish: Caribbean Burst
Back Finish: Transparent Blue

Warmoth Vintage Modern Construction
Scale: 25-1/2 in.
Shaft Wood: Maple
Fingerboard Wood: Ebony
Nut Width: 1-11/16"
Back Shape: Boat-neck
Radius: 10-16" compound
# of Frets: 22
EVO 6150 frets
Tuner Ream: Vintage Style (11/32")
-Inlays: Cream Face Dots
-Side Dots: White Side Dots
Bone compensated nut
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt
Kluson vintage locking tuners,.
Warmoth side adjust truss rod.
Fender decals applied including custom shop decal.
Clear semi-gloss finish.

Other Components:
Mojotone 60th Anniversary strat pickups - authentic clones of original 1954 Stratocaster pickups. Each coil is handwound in the same direction to the exact same 1954 specifications. Custom made "poured" sand cast Alnico 3 magnets (raised D magnet like the originals), 50's spec heavy Formvar coil wire, nitrocellulose lacquered bobbins just like the originals.

Laid out with 5-way Fender style Blender wiring using one volume, one master tone, and a blender pot.

Fender® American Standard Tremolo, Chrome
Schaller Strap Locks, Pair, Chrome
Recessed Top Jack Plate, Chrome
White Strat® Volume & Tone Knobs
Custom Shop Designed Chrome Guitar neck plate LIMITED EDITION
Neck plate gasket
Blue Pearl Trem Cover
White P/U covers
Warmoth Black Pick!



Guitar #3 by Verne Bunsen

"rebneF", aka: "The Bunsen Burner!"

Lake Placid Blue finish with Daphne Blue Competition Stripe
Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan Hot Rails for Strat
Neck Pickup: Hand-wound Mustang Pickup - A5 magnets, 43AWG Plain Enamel magnet wire
Neck Slider Switch controls Pickup Selection: Neck / Both / Bridge
Bridge Slider Switch controls Bridge HB Configuration: Series / Split / Parallel
Tone Pot Push/Pull: Neck Pickup Phase Reversal
Volume/Tone circuit wired per Gibson 50's spec
Bridge: Gotoh TOM
Tremolo is locked down

Maple with Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
Abalone Fret Markers
Clear Gloss finish with Lake Placid Blue Color-Matched Headstock
Custom Reverse "Fender" Logo Decal (hence "rebneF")
Black TUSQ Trem Nut
Gotoh Magnum Lock Tuners



Guitar #4 by Geekydad

Model: Z5 Bass   
Orientation: Left handed   
Scale: 34"   
Wood: Swamp Ash
Rout: Rear Rout   
Pickup Rout: Duncan ASB2-5 / EMG 40, Duncan ASB2-5 / EMG 40   
Controls: X-V-T-T (Iceman 5 Bass)   
Bridge: Schaller 496   
Jack Rout: 3/4" (19mm) Side Jack Hole   
Neck Pocket: Standard Bass Pocket   
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt   
Contours: Tummy Cut / Forearm Contour   
F-Holes: None   
Battery Box: Double Battery Box
Top Finish: Dragon Burst
Back Finish: Dragon Burst   

Style: Warmoth Deluxe 5   
Construction: Super Bass Construction
Scale: 34"   
Orientation: Left Handed   
Neck Wood: Wenge
Fingerboard Wood: Ebony
Nut Width: 1-3/4"   
Back Shape: Asymmetric   
Stiffening Rods: Standard Steel Rods   
Fret Size: 6105   
Tuner Ream: GB7 (14mm)   
Radius: Straight 10"   
Fret #: 22   
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt   
Inlays: Abalone Face Dots
Side Dots: White Side Dots   
String Nut: Black Corian

Bridge: Schaller 496, 5 String Bass Bridge
Tuners: Gotoh GB7 Bass Tuners
Neck Pickup: EMG 40PX-5 (flip mounted)
Bridge Pickup: EMG 40CSX
Controls: EMG ABCX Active Balance Control, Active Tone, Master Volume



Guitar #5 by amigarobbo

Model: Carved Top Dinky P
Orientation: Right handed
Scale: 34"
Wood: Walnut on Walnut
Rout: Rear Rout
Pickup Rout: EMG 35, , J Bass® (Bridge, 3 3/4")
70s Bridge Pickup Reposition: Yes
Controls: V-V-T
Jack Rout: 3/4" (19mm) Side Jack Hole
Contours: Contoured Heel / Tummy Cut
Finish: Metallic fuchsia Flake

Purple heart with black ebony fingerboard
Fretless unlined
Slim Taper Profile
24-Fret Extension

Lightweight Gotoh GB-640 Bass Machine Set
Custom Ms. Betty Page neck plate
Lace Bass Bar 3.5 (tappable)
Lace J-bass
Schaller 3-D bridge
Schaller knobs



Guitar #6 by StaticRick


Warmoth Carved Top Telecaster
Black Korina on Black Korina
Rear Rout (LP Style 2V-2T)
Pickup Rout: H-H
Bridge: TOM/STP
Angled Pocket
Side Jack Hole
Contoured Heel
Top Finish: Brown to Clear Burst

Warmoth Stratocaster
Pro Conversion 24 3/4"
Ebony (Black) Fretboard
1 5/8" Nut Width, Standard Thin Profile
SS6105 Stainless Frets
22 frets
10-16" Compound Radius
Mother Of Pearl Dots Inlay
GraphTech Black TUSQ XL
Clear Gloss Finish
Sperzel Trim-Lok Tuners in Satin Chrome
Chrome Fender Logo

Other Components:
Seymour Duncan APH-2s Alnico II Pro Humbucker Set
Tone Pros Tune-o-Matic Bridge, Chrome
Tone Pros Stop Tail Piece, Chrome
RS Guitarworks Pots
Naked (no numbers) Speed Knobs
Schaller Strap Locks, Chrome



Guitar #7 by BlueTalon

Warmoth Jazz body:
finished in gloss black by Warmoth 
Schaller bridge
Schaller strap locks
custom routed by Warmoth for three pickups
1 Fender Super 55 bridge pickup
2 Fender Super 55 neck pickups
CTS 500/500K concentric pots
Turnstyle Switch
copper shielding throughout entire interior
wenge thumb-rests

Warmoth Jazz neck:
bubinga neck
wenge fretboard,
MOP dot inlays
medium jumbo nickle frets
black TUSQ nut
Schaller tuners
Hipshot string retainer 

(DR pink neon strings for Breast Cancer Awareness Month)



Guitar #8 by DustyCat

"The Sawtooth Lute Mk. 1"

Explorer Neck
22 6100 Gold w/full scallop
Goncalo Alves Fingerboard
Canary Maple neck
Black dots on the side
1 11/16" width nut
Planet Waves Auto Trim tuner rout
Gold Hardware

VIP body CT Semi-hollow w/'f' hole (from JDMN_Tele)
Maple on Mahogany
Washed Blue Jean Fade (?)
SD SPH-90 Phat Cat pups
Contoured Heel
Single Volume and Tone
Graphtech Piezo Ghost wraparound bridge
Straplocks by Schaller
Gold Hardware
Push Pull Pot
Awesome Speed knobs
Masked binding (?)



Guitar #9 by Fat Pete

Wilkinson Beast

Warmoth mahogany Diamondback finished in candy green
At The Creamery Double-Track humbuckers wound to '57 PAF spec - alnico 4 bridge, alnico 5 neck
Gotoh 510 series chrome bridge and tailpiece
Standard 2 volume, 2 tone wiring, interactive controls, no split/parallel switching
DR6 neck plate
Schaller strap lock buttons
Front-mounted jack socket

Warmoth 'Warmoth' dark indian rosewood, 1 11/16" nut, 25 1/2" scale
Black ebony fingerboard - no inlay
Ebony headstock veneer
Pearloid binding
Stainless steel 6115 frets
Sperzel green anodized machine heads

Scratchplate and Trussrod cover cut and printed by to my design.



GOM said:
DocNrock gets things rollin'! Good luck!

Thanks, man!

If I may, here is a link to the thread:
heywood and Verne Bunsen join the contest. Welcome both and good luck!
Good company in here, as always!

Detailed build thread on the Mustang with lotsa pics and sound clips here:
Thank you! For the curious, here's a link to the build thread:
Somehow I think it's not quite so cut-and-dry, but thanks for the vote of confidence! Also, having seen your Canary Strat, thanks for not entering it this month, haha!  :laughing11:
Verne Bunsen said:
Somehow I think it's not quite so cut-and-dry, but thanks for the vote of confidence! Also, having seen your Canary Strat, thanks for not entering it this month, haha!  :laughing11:

Hmm..............  :glasses9:
Looks like I surely picked the wrong month to enter my first build!.

Don't you guys ever take a break  :laughing7:

Even my son didn't pick mine.  (He'll be available for adoption next week!)
heywood said:
Looks like I surely picked the wrong month to enter my first build!.

Don't you guys ever take a break  :laughing7:

Even my son didn't pick mine.  (He'll be available for adoption next week!)
Looks like I picked the wrong month for my first build as well- a lot of excellent builds in the competition (and for me, not enough practice taking good photos.) At least we're not precluded from entering in the future if we don't win this time!
Looks like we all picked a bad month to quit sniffin' glue enter our first builds, I just wish I could have got around to taking better quality pictures, oh well.