POLL: What is your favorite guitar neck contour?

What is your favorite guitar neck contour?

  • Standard thin

    Votes: 91 33.8%
  • Boat

    Votes: 26 9.7%
  • Fat

    Votes: 20 7.4%
  • SRV

    Votes: 16 5.9%
  • Clapton

    Votes: 13 4.8%
  • Wolfgang

    Votes: 13 4.8%
  • Wizard

    Votes: 26 9.7%
  • 59 Roundback

    Votes: 64 23.8%

  • Total voters
Hey HeavyBluesy,

you forgot the option for the 10" - 16" Compound Radius...... How come?
I don't have any necks yet, my 1st is being build as of Friday with a '59 Radius.

I have a Gibson I like, that's why I chose that radius.

juwel1998 said:
Hey HeavyBluesy,

you forgot the option for the 10" - 16" Compound Radius...... How come?

Because the poll is for neck contours (the back of the neck) not the radius (the curvature of the finger board -"the front of the neck").

juwel1998 said:
I don't have any necks yet, my 1st is being build as of Friday with a '59 Radius.

And likewise the '59 is a neck contour - not a radius.
I'm happy with the Standard Thin, so I'm afraid to plunk down money on something different. All of my guitars have thin necks, excepting the Heritage H-535 and, as a result, I've had a harder time adapting to the Heritage than I did when I migrated from a Strat to Hagstroms to my Warmoth Jazzmaster.
Hello sustainer-player,

yep, you are sooooo right, I got totally messed up in the brain with all my troubles about the radius.... :confused4: :confused4: :confused4: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Sorry, for the mishap. Wow, really weird, but things like this happen. I am only human as well  :icon_biggrin:

Haven't tried them all, but I love the feel of the fatback so far. Not to say I wouldn't prefer a 59 or wolfgang, but Fat is pretty sweet, and I don't see any reason to gamble on the thicker upcharge profiles.
1. Standard Thin,
2. 59 Roundback.

Started off with a Standard Thin, 1 11/16" Modern Vintage. I found it never held tune as well as my Fenders despite all manner of nut  adjustment, so tried a VM 59 Roundback with the same nut width. Very nice in the lower frets but a little thick for my tastes higher up, and again not as good at holding tune as my Am Std with the biflex truss rod.  I have a Pro Standard Thin on order, and am looking forward to seeing how I fair with that.
mullyman said:
I played a Peavey Wolfgang for so long that I can't get used to much else. I like the Clapton V though. This latest build is a standard thin. I don't have strings on it as of yet but I don't think I'm going to dislike it. I really don't like real thick, fat necks though, even though I have large hands.....I can palm a basketball.

I should update this. I have the standard thin on my white Warmoth and I've ordered it again for my Frankenstein build. Very comfortable with the standard thin.

warmothstrat on YouTube

I agree. I discovered fat necks when I acquired my Carvin Holdsworth H2T. Initially shocked by the size of it, I quickly grew to love it. Every Warmoth I've built since (I'm currently on number 5) has had a Fat Back neck.

Aside from the feel, a massive neck contributes tremendously to tone and sustain. My guitars with fat necks sound and play better than my guitars with smaller profile necks.

Xplorervoodoo said:
I went with the fat back contour for my first build, and I'm not likely to use any other.  Really comfortable
I received my Standard Thin Pro Strat neck a couple of weeks ago, and after 4 gigs can report that the tuning stability is excellent. Its very easy to get around on, though I did love the 59 Roundback for playing open chords. All the Warmoth necks I've had have been excellent without any need for fret dressing. I'm satisfied for now at least. :icon_thumright:
59' is my go to as well after years of slim tapers and standard thins.
I also favor Fatbacks, and boatnecks too.

I likes em' thick...  :icon_thumright:
boat, but I'll play about  anything if I have to . I hate wizard, but my Koa Strat has a wizard neck, so.,
All I've ever tried is the standard thin but I would like to try a wizard, 59, fat back, and the asymmetrical one.
Count me amont the 59ers. Although I can play a standard thin without any complaints, I prefer a more substantial neck.
All my guitars are "standard thin", simply because that's what I'm used to and I don't want to have to adjust going from one to another.
I haven't tried many guitars before, but I know I prefer thicker necks. It hurts sometimes playing power chords on my thin-necked guitar.
Standard-thin or SRV for guitars in E-standard

Wizard or Standard-thin for guitars in drop-tuning