POLL: What is your favorite guitar neck contour?

What is your favorite guitar neck contour?

  • Standard thin

    Votes: 91 33.8%
  • Boat

    Votes: 26 9.7%
  • Fat

    Votes: 20 7.4%
  • SRV

    Votes: 16 5.9%
  • Clapton

    Votes: 13 4.8%
  • Wolfgang

    Votes: 13 4.8%
  • Wizard

    Votes: 26 9.7%
  • 59 Roundback

    Votes: 64 23.8%

  • Total voters


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What is your favorite guitar neck contour? If you have more than one, please list them below in order of preference.
I voted 59 Roundback, but I have tried only the 59 and Standard Thin so far. I like the Standard Thin a whole lot. I LOVE the 59.
Standard thin, then '59 Roundback.

Standard Thin for ease of fast, technical playing.
'59 Roundback for blues etc
To me standard thin seems like the perfect medium point for a neck. I think just about anyone would be happy with it if they weren't sure what kind to get. The only thing I'd change is I'd keep the thickness of it but make the back flatter, since it's very round (to me any way). If Warmoth had an option for a more D shaped neck I'd definitely jump on that.
i use clapton (V neck) but i would like to ty fatback aswell however i fear it may be a little too fat for my tiny girl-like hands
I'm using my guitar / neck with the Wolfgang contour on it the most right now. Not even sure why I first decided to try that one, but I really like it. Not for everyone certainly. It is very asymetrical, but I find it fantastic for chord stuff and single note lines.
ive tried a fender relic and a prs se, and you know what? I have slightly bigger double jointed fingers, and I don't see why standard thin is bad. I have decided on it. Maybe I like it more because I am double jointed and my thumb bends a lot.
Love the standard thin on my Dad's Warmoth strat :) plays like a dream!

I was also fond of the Clapton when I played it, and I have a Wolfgang that is uber-awesome.
I have only tried the standard thin and the SRV.
I really like the feel of the SRV much better and I don't really have large hands.
However, it could be because my 2 SRV are exotic woods and my standard thin is a coated maple.