Pickup-recommendation BK / Wenge, Wenge / Ebony VIP


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Hi all!

So I've just ordered my BK / Wenge, Wenge / Ebony VIP, with the new body builder... that was real easy! Also, It proves a musician can also be a body builder.... :icon_jokercolor: (Sorry, It was just too easy to do that one....).

I'm still thinking about the pickups. Originally I was putting PRS-gear in there, however I found those Dragon II's a little on the expensive side... I'll save those for another build! I'm looking at different Seymour Duncan's right now... Leaning towards the Alternative 8 SH-15 as a bridge pickup! Anyone ever tried one of those? Clips anyone? As for the neck - I really have no idea yet!

www.myspace.com/grandelk - the guitar is mainly for this band (old demo's there, but you get the idea...) I guess the main inspiration are bands like tool, porcupine tree, deftones, a perfect circle etc... You get the idea!

Hope you can give me some suggestions! I know nothing :tard:

Thats a big difference between pickup choices and I don't mean the price.  I don't own the SH-15, but from what I read over at the SD forums is that the Alt-8 will do 80's hair metal all day but doesn't clean up too well.  Also since it has the Alnico-8 in it, the output is very high.  I have an A8 JB pickup and I had to back that down a LOT to get it to balance with a '59 neck.  The only clips I could find of the Alt-8 were too processed to get a good listen.

The PRS...well sounds like a PRS.

There's a $50 price difference between an SH-15 and a Dragon II.  This is a sweet custom build, and she's worth $100 extra if that's the tone you wanted in the first place.
Hey there!
To match up with Adam and Steph, the Alt 8 may "pass it up" in terms of output. I think Adam used a JB in the bridge of his Moonburst.

I've had great results with the sh-14, Custom 5. It was enough output to drive my amp a little bit, but it always stayed real clean.

What are you thinking of using in the neck position?
Hehe, after Blue313's comment I decided to take some more time searching for cheap PRS pickups... found the dragon II, both neck and bridge, at 90$:D Then its a no-brainer! http://prostores2.carrierzone.com/servlet/magdonmusiccom/Categories?category=Pickups&searchpath=3324214&start=51&total=91 - nice:D So I'll give them a try, since that was the intention from the start! And I'll post some pics and clips when it all gets put together... hopefully before september!!! Having a warmoth order in process is probably making me the most restless man on earth........... Thanks anyway for reads and replys!