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I've read up a bit on the wood description page and done some reading online but i'd love to hear some opinions from you guys on the tone and usefulness of Padouk, it's so striking and seems to have a lot of  things going for it as far as my tone Likes go... so shoot

I guess, it'd be nice to hear stuff like "its sort of like BLANK  but a bit more/less BLANK"

:) Neil
I've not had experience, but here's a vid of one of the guys here with an LPS w/padouk neck.

if your talking about as a body i love the attack of padouk id say it its alot like alder but has more sustain and tone a little something that i cant put my finger on id call it vibrantness.
if thats a word i love mine
it is a well rounded sound that never gets muddy but not for everyone it is heavy but i think its worth it
cheers guys

sounds like a wood i'll dig

the dude in the video pulls some of the best guitar faces i've ever scene