non - ups notification?

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When i made my orders last week I opted to go for Priority Mail because UPS screws me on Brokerage fees crossing the border.
I was just wondering.. normally you get the email from UPS when W sends it out right?  So if i'm not getting it shipped via UPS does warmoth notify me when it ships or will USPS send me an email?

I suppose im just getting antsy. My strat was all showcase parts so it shouldn't take any time at all.  How long does it usually take them to route out the bridge on an already finished body?
Don't know about routing, but putting in frets and adding a nut on a neck, that kind of things takes a week or so.  The USPS will also your package, but the vendor, Warmoth, would have to give you a package number to enter into their system.  It is not as slick as UPS' system and not updated nearly as fast (once per day) but it lets you know more or less where things are.

alright cool.
The neck should take zero time, it already had the nut and frets and finish all on it.  It was kind of a steal, all the exact specs I wanted on a showcase neck.  (minus the vintage tint, but in a few decades it would look like that anyway right?)