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A pleasant surprise today an email from UPS to say a neck and some parts are arriving tomorrow. At first I thought it was a order has shipped but no it is here in Europe...

I already have the body for some time now and a good deal of the rest of the parts. So are you folks up for another build thread or do you want to wait to see it when it is finished ?
You need to ask? Tree house pics are also acceptable.
Okay will set one up.

The order was split in two and the UPS guy arrived today with a cardboard envelope with a couple of pickguards and a backplate...anyway the customs fee is paid but don't know when the neck is going to arrive. It might be tomorrow or possibly Monday...

stratamania said:
So are you folks up for another build thread or do you want to wait to see it when it is finished ?

Geez, ANOTHER build thread? With MORE pictures of making guitars? Yes please!  :headbang:
A set back. I have an RMA for the neck...I really could do without having to do so but there we are.
Although I know the address this song will do...


After seeing the neck on my desk and not yet having gone to the post office etc due to snow and ice etc...I came to the conclusion that I would just tweak and fix the neck myself.

Anyway as a taster for the build thread here is a Warmoth pic of the neck from the showcase.

SN_MAHOGANY by stratamania, on Flickr
Mayfly said:

er, what was wrong with the neck?

Yes too nice to risk it getting lost in shipping etc.

It is a clear gloss finish and thickly applied. This means that it will not go into the neck pocket of the body - actually I have three Warmoth bodies here to test against and it will not go into any of them where other Warmoth necks do as expected. So I am hoping that I can carefully take the finish down without cutting through it and that it will fit. If not I will have some touch up to the finish to do.(the alternate would be easing the neck pocket but as those are to spec I prefer to sort the neck out)

Also the nut is not as accurately placed as I would prefer with the low E further from the fretboard than it should be and the high E closer than would be expected. The spacing other than that is correct but it is somewhere around 1 - 2 mm off centre.

I have also noticed a bump in the finish near the tip of the headstock on the edge again I am hoping that will sand/buff out.

Somewhat ironically I was almost going to buy a Q-Sawn Mahogany without a finish or frets and do that work myself. But I liked the figure in this one that had popped up in the showcase it was already finished and fretted with a nut fitted so I thought it might save me some time. Still it is all part of a project when all is said and done... :)