Non-warmoth tele bod, Warmoth neck


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Well, let me tell you guys something.  Depression is a mother.  It robs you of the ability to start things, to complete things, to make any progress in the middle of things. It makes it hard if not impossible to be excited about the prospect of starting, doing, and finishing things.  One thing it does not rob you of is the feeling of guilt about what you're not starting, doing, or finishing;  so not only does depression suck, it lacks symmetry, and is as such aesthetically as well as psychologically objectionable.

I have been getting treatment for depression for the last few months via meds and talk therapy, and a sign of hope is that I am actually commencing a project with a body I have been sitting on for SIX YEARS. 


Submitted for your enjoyment, a Renegade Guitars body in western red cedar that I picked up for a song on the 'bay back in 2013.  The plan is to stain with yellow to give it a little more of an amber look, and then do a burst edge in brown.  With luck it'll be a fair approximation of something between a honey burst and a tobacco burst.  With a tortoise pickguard, chrome fiddly bits, the Quarter Pound bridge pup from Bete Noire, a Duncan Vintage Stack neck pickup, and a Warmoth boat-neck in wenge with stainless 6115's, it should be a pretty nice axe. 


The photo above was shot under fluorescent light and has kind of a yucky greenish cast; the body's actually a warm, rosy pinkish tan.  This afternoon I hit the body with pre-stain conditioner and then Behlen lemon yellow dye to give it an amber cast, and I'm pretty happy with  it.


Forgot to take any neck photos while I was in the garage, so I'll post them tomorrow.  I am filled with hope and excitement about a project for the first time in a loooong time.  Once I get this guy through the chute, the Velocity beckons.
Looks great! I like the way the cedar colors up. You got just the right amount of stain on it. A brown burstover will look outstanding on that. You're certainly off to a fine start. :icon_thumright:

Will the back also get the same or brown all over?
Gonna burst the back, as well, using the ol' silhouette technique to ensure an even edge with my Behlen rattle can toner.
That piece of wood is super nice, the grain is so prominent. Will look awesome with the burst. The neck sounds meaty as well. Best of luck :rock-on:
Renegade Guitarworks stuff is well made, quality work. Matt and his dad offer some nice pieces. I own a few myself, and have assembled some projects for clients with his bodies. Good choice.
Great looking body! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

I know all too well how much depression hurts. Sometimes it takes a lot of strength to find the motivation to do anything, but I find when I have some kind of project to focus on it can help me feel a lot better. Sending good vibes your way.
What tone does Cedar produce? A long time ago I played a Seagull acoustic guitar which was made from Cedar. I remember it having a rich creamy tone, but it’s been years.

Really love the grain! Keep the pics coming!
I found this online.

A warm, thick tone with rich overtones and a very pronounced bass. Widely used on classical guitars, its “open” tone works best for fingerstyle or light strumming. Cedar has virtually no break-in period.
Beautiful grain on that body and the yellow really looks good. What brand conditioner did you use?
Looks like that’s going to be a beautiful guitar!
And I understand completely from first hand experience with the issues of depression so I feel your pain buddy! Sending good vibes and happy thoughts your way 👍
pirate said:
Looks like that’s going to be a beautiful guitar!
And I understand completely from first hand experience with the issues of depression so I feel your pain buddy! Sending good vibes and happy thoughts your way 👍

Thanks, man.  Sunday got away from me with family obligations and now it's raining, s I haven't made progress - but it least it's logistical, as opposed to psychological, obstacles to progress on this thing.
Great start! That's going to be one hell of a good looking body. Looking forward to seeing the progress.
Well, the rain quit yesterday morning so I got a sealer coat of shellac on it before I start doing the lacquer burst.  Not much to show, but here's a photo for the masses in any event.