New Strato


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Here's my latest Warmoth build. It's a hollow mahogany rear-rout Strat, 3 humbuckers (SD SH1,SH1,TB5), birdseye maple 22 fret full scalloped neck, body finished in gold top gold, with all gold hardware except for the cream plastic bits.

I don't have great pictures yet. When I get some good photos I'll put up a spread in the Strat gallery. Here's a preview:

Dude, that neck is a beauty, can't wait to see the rest of it.  How do you like the scalloped board?  Always wanted to try one myself...
It's my first scalloped neck.
It's incredible ,and I don't like my other necks as much now. They all feel a little clunky in comparison.
Can't wait to see that neck in detail. Looks like it has some serious figuring there. The cream dots on maple look choice too. :hello2: :hello2:
Looks tasty. Cool that you like the scalloped neck but how is it for chording?  :toothy12:
The neck is great for chording...but it does take some getting used to.
It's set up with a real low action, and a light touch is all it takes.
I put up a spread of pics in the Strat gallery.
that neck is a beauty.

the 3d look of those scallops and the figure really give it some visual appeal. i think mop or abalone dots would have really set it off though. can't wait for more pics. i love it.

i scaloped a neck once. maybe i'll do another one someday. it worked great for single note stuff and some of the more jazzy type chords but it takes some concentration to play basic barre chords for me. i have a lite touch anyway and find that a jumbo fret works great for me.

Wow! That's gorgeous wood.

Who put the finish on the body?  What is it?