Need chrome Warmoth logo


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Would anybody thinking of starting a new Warmoth build consider ordering up an extra metal chrome Warmoth logo and sending it to me?  (Obviously I'd pay for it).  The $25.00 minimum order is preventing me from ordering one direct; because, there's nothing else I care to order now.  I think the chrome logo would look slick with the custom-engraved truss rod cover I'm planning on ordering (red abalone script initials with outer trim on black ebony).
Your Kidding? I was unaware Warmoth had a minimum Dollar amount order policy. That's goofey, I was just getting ready to order a volume pot.
Yeh, it's really goofy, and I'm not kidding.  If Warmoth offered guitar strings, picks, and other misc. nick-knacks, it would be much easier to fulfill the minimum order.
ive got a chrome one left over from my last neck purchase
shoot me your mailing address and ill drop it in the mail
                thanks kayle
If givememytoys' offer doesn't work out for some reason, I'm sending in a $580 order TOMORROW MORNING (Monday) - I've already printed the whole thing up, but I can include a note and scratch in the $3.75. They maybe could send it on to you first, cause it's gonna take a month to cut my wood and all. Contact me quickly if you need to, I'll check in again early Monday (chrome, smoked, gold?) for sure & we could work out details later.
"Givemetoys" sent me a metal logo.  Thanks much to all.  It looks awesome.  Now, just waiting on a custom-ordered truss rod cover (inlay with my initials in red abalone on black ebony), and my creation will be complete.
Thanks again Kayle.  I was gonna send you a 5-spot anyway, but couldn't read your writing on the envelope you sent to figure out your address.  Anyway, it looks she is:

jackthehack said:
How can you ever not need more than $25 worth of stuff from Warmoth?

Maybe someday when I can afford another build.  I'm completely broke right now.  Now, if Warmoth sold strings / picks, and other accessories, it would be easy.  There's nothing I need from what they offer from an already existing / finished build.
Daughter's home sick today, so I'm bored, and can't go to work.  Snapped another photo yesterday with a better camera and did a little Photoshop touchup.

Natural binding on the body looks really great there. Can't decide if I wish the pickups had covers...
Who did the pickguard? I mean, did you swirl it yourself, buy a pre-swirled piece and cut out a chunk, or get the whole thing finished already?

("swirl" might be the right word....)