My yearly Season's Greeting Poem


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WOW!  CB Did You write that?  That's incredible, I love it and thank you.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

I'm gonna have to print that one
That was really touching CB, truly heartwarming. You've captured the true spirit of the holidays.
CB u inspire thee

Projects postponed due to the Holiday

Oh man!  If that was only true
I'd be very excited
instead of so blue.
For I have 3 children and a wife that stays home
I can't even buy a cheap epiphone :-\
But the smiling faces of a girl and 2 boys :icon_biggrin:
makes everything worth it even without getting new toys.
The poem was great, but that FONT made it a tad difficult to read. gettin' old and not seeing as well sux.
But... all Les Pauls are Les Pauls...How can you burn them??  :dontknow:

Very nice. Very nice.  :rock-on:
Its a bit of an ongoing thing with me to bash Lesters, although I own two, and wouldn't mind another some day.