My first Warmoth guitar- 3 pickup flying v w/ custom paint and 5-way selector



here are the specs i have so far

Body: Flying V
Woods: Swamp Ash
Laminate Top: no
flat Top
Strung through the body
Rear rout
binding: ?
side jack: yes
Bridge: Tone Pros Tune o Matic, black
Pickup rout: 3 humbuckers (Seymour Duncan 59's)
Finish: Setting sun custom paint

Neck: V
Construction Style: Warmoth Pro
Shaft wood: Wenge
Fingerboard wood: Ebony
Nut Width: 1 11/16''
Orientation: Right handed
Back Contour: Standard thin
Fingerboard Radius: 10-16'' Compound
24 fret extention
Fret size: 6130
Tuner Hole Size: Planet Waves (13/32'')
Inlay: cream face dots
String Nut: White Corian
Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt

Desired controls
Knobs: Master Volume, Master Tone
Switch: 5 way

Materials needed: o_O
also i have no idea how im suppose to wire a 3 humbucker guitar and how to incorporate a 5-way switch (i plan to use a knob like this: and a diagram if possible would be greatly appreciated and frankly is quite necessary

also the "setting sun" paint thing is a black and white version of the rising sun design on the left side of the guitar to symbolize, of course, the setting sun.

other input is also greatly appreciated like of the type of woods im using or if there is a blank or a question mark anywhere or i missed something
:rock-on: thanks for helping a noob with a dream
Can you fit 3 buckers with a 24 fret extension?  They normally have to move the neck pickup for just two.  :dontknow:
Oh I realized that this morning nvm now what about binding? Do u like the finish idea? Will warmoth do that? God that'd be a pain to do
Blue313 said:
Can you fit 3 buckers with a 24 fret extension?  They normally have to move the neck pickup for just two.  :dontknow:

There would be no room for 3 humbuckers and a 24 fret reposition.

You might want to source the paintjob somewhere else.  Even with just black and white, there'd be quite a bit of expense for the taping and masking to do the job.  That would end up being a pretty expensive paint job.

Which thru body pattern?
warmoth wont do the paint, they have no time. the binding is available on the V but its $85 extra. I am finishing my friends guitar right now to have competition stripes in white with black stripes, so if you can wait a month and a half until im done with this body we can discuss something. if you want of course.
Since you can't do 3 full sized hums and a 24 fret extension, how's about changing the middle to a single coil sized hum, or even do that to the neck and middle?  Also, a push/pull pot on the volume or tone pot could add two more pickup combos;  all three together or neck and bridge together.
woah well how would i wire that? would that eliminate the need for a 5 way switch?
No.  It is a normal Strat 5-way switch wired like your original plan, but the push/pull is a DP/DT switch.  When the 5-way switch is in the bridge position, you can activate the push/pull to get the neck and bridge pickups together.  Or, when the switch is in the bridge and middle pickup position, the push/pull will allow all 3 pickups to be used.  These are two more useful sounds that the normal Strat wiring does allow for.  The neat thing is this mod will not clutter up you control layout with extra switches and still allows the normal Strat postions, plus 2 more.  This is a very popular and easy mod to do.  David Gilmour has this on his Strat.
ok and how would i go by doing this? would i use a concentric pot knob? and this will sound alright with humbuckers?
well im not sure i care entirely on the all 3 and neck and bridge i just need to find something that will fit in a 3 way switch hole and be a 5 way knob. i dont plan to have a pickguard