Ordering parts for first build -- compatibility check


I'm excited to finally be ordering my first Warmoth! Well, at least the body. Before I pull the trigger, I was hoping to get some feedback to make sure there are no compatibility or functionality issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Neck:
    • True Temperament 25.5" scale bolt-on S-style (https://truetemperamentshop.com/produkt/swedish-special-edition-s-neck-maple-fingerboard/)

    Body (Warmoth):
    • Carved Top Telecaster - hollow
    • Black Korina body + Black Korina lam top
    • Rear rout controls
    • Humbucker rout in bridge and neck positions
    • 2 F-holes
    • Controls: Volume 1, Tone 1, Blade switch
    • 7/8" (22mm) Side Jack Hole
    • Tremolo rout: Fender American Standard Strat Tremolo
    • Standard 4-bolt mounting holes
    • Strat neck pocket shape
    • Contoured heel
    • White binding
    • Transparent red paint (top and back)
    • Gloss finish

    Parts (all from Warmoth except tremolo, pickups, and tuners):
    • Tremolo: VegaTrem 2-point
    • Tuners: Hipshot GripLock open (staggered) + Universal Mounting Plate
    • Pickups: DiMarzio EJ Custom bridge (F-spaced) and neck, covered
    • Standard trem cavity cover
    • CRL 3-way blade switch
    • Tele switch tip
    • Neck plate pad
    • Neck plate
    • Contoured heel screws
    • Upper concentric knob + lower concentric knob (x2)
    • 500k concentric pot
    • 500k push-push pot
    • Electrosocket jack
    • Square side jack plate
    • Short curved humbucker mounting ring + long curved humbucker mounting ring
    • Felt washers for strap buttons
    • Oversized strap buttons
    • I already have plenty of shielding tape, hookup wire, and capacitors + resistors

    Planned wiring:
    • Traditional 3-way pickup selection (B, B+N, N)
    • Knob 1 (push-push): Volume, push-push for series/parallel
    • Knob 2 (concentric): Tone on upper knob, bass cut on lower knob

    I know it's silly to use a concentric knob set on the push-push pot as well, but I'm picky and would really like the appearance of both knobs to match.
It looks reasonably compatible however if using a Vegatrem on a new build I would suggest getting the body rout and tremolo for the six screw mount option as it does not pivot on the posts. A six screw mount option will be a little more robust.

Obviously if you might use another type of tremolo in the future that may be two post then take that into account.