More body shapes in the online bulder


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BigSteve22 said:
double A said:
We predict much wailing and gnashing of teeth....
Wail,wail! Gnash, Gnash! Perhaps a a sample gallery of the various trans finishes on various woods, just give people an idea of how thing might turn out???  ???

See post #15.  :headbang:


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Cagey said:
double A said:
We predict much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

You need to hire Guido. When Spike gets a call from a disappointed customer, he can offer to transfer him to his boss...


What, you don' like it? C'mere. Lemme see if I can jam it somewheres where you will...

This just took me back to a memory 9 years ago when I worked there & while I was on the phone, Spike stands right in front of me, lifts his shirt up stroking his "moobs" & dancing in front of me.  I couldn't keep a straight face muchless maintain professional composure on the phone & not laugh.  Was like watching Chris Farley dance the stripper pole...


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double A said:
In place of the phony, faux colors of the current visual body builder, you will now be able to see photographic examples of the finish colors, in gloss and satin, with the option to see trans, burst, and dye finishes over several different species of wood.
Damn, I gotta stop working doubles! Totally missed that reply, thanks....