Mayfly Boxing Week Sale!


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ok I feel like such a whore. But I'm having a Boxing Week Sale!

I recently found several Mayfly Open Windows, Dirty Windows, and Sketchy Zebras from the original production run. These are not current production: they were made a couple years ago; all hand spray-bombed by me in my garage then laser engraved. These days all my stuff is powder coated and UV printed with fancy graphics. But these older ones use the same great circuits as the production models. They are up on the Mayfly reverb site for 50% off. For Boxing Week* only.

Didn't get an Open Window for Christmas? Always fancied a Dirty Window, but never took the plunge? Care for a Sketchy Zebra? Now's your chance!

*what the heck is 'Boxing Week'? I'm glad you asked! Boxing Day, as it's known in Great Britain and Commonwealth Countries, is the day after Christmas Day. Traditionally all the big sales happen on this day. In modern times, this has been extended to an entire week. So this sale runs until this time next week, then it's gone.
When I was a child in Great Britain, traditionally, most shops did not open until the 27th, the day after Boxing Day. If the 27th was on a Sunday, then the shops were closed that day as well. So if you had money for Christmas, you had to wait before you could go shopping, and sometimes sales did not start until after the New Year.

Good luck with the pedal sales.
Hubba hubba! One fine day in the distant future, when Mayfly pedals have built up all the cachet of the original Klon etc., these laser-etched stomp-boxes will be worth a FORTUNE.