Warmoth Strat in Black-Brown-Yellow Burst for Sale


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Custom Warmoth SRV Inspired Strat for sale.

This is a truly special guitar which features all Warmoth parts aside from the pickups which are a set of hand-wound Super Sport single coils made by Don Mare in Long Beach, CA. This guitar was professionally assembled by Matt Wright Sounds in Portland, OR. 

Custom made wizard profile neck in Gibson Scale length (24.75") which makes for an extremely comfortable guitar. I keep it tuned in Eb and it feels very smooth and easy to play.

The neck wood is canary with a figured ziricote fretboard, and the body is swamp ash with a beautiful grain in black-brown-yellow burst with a gloss finish. 

Other specs include: Schaller locking tuners in black, jumbo frets, cream colored dot inlays, gold strap buttons, gold tremolo bridge, Amber colored Les Paul style barrel knobs, a black TUSQ nut, and a black glossy pickguard with red trim.
This guitar is in very good condition. Normal wear and tear on the pickguard and only two bonks to the finish located on the back of the guitar, which you can see in the last picture. Please be aware that the body is 10 lbs. This is a heavy guitar which will give you a very full sound. 

A fantastic Strat that cannot be found on the shelf.  Ready to hit the road!  Here's a link to my Reverb posting



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