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Hi Guys,

I just received my L5S:

Hollow body, walnut, flame maple top, wenge 25.5 neck with white binding, ebony fretboard and fatback. I'm quite excited !  :) My only regret is that the binding is a bit too white :-/ not sure what I'm gonna do about that.
Here are the pictures:
I've already done quite a bit of work on it, will post in a minute in the work in progress section
That's why they offer cream, as well...

Should make for a nice build; what are you planning to do for pickups/finish?
I know, I blew it ...
For the finish have a look in the "work in progress" section.
Pickups I was thinking Benedetto A-6 humbuckers
Didn't blow it; now I'm unsure myself as to whether to but build posts in "DIY Finishing" or "Work in Progress" myself, see other thread for binding suggestion.
I was referring to the white binding :)
I'm thinking maybe i could scrath it very lightly with 000 or 0000 wool and apply some tru oil on it as it has strong amber tint ? Not sure it would adhere properly though... Or maybe some amber shellac, that stuff sticks to almost anything and if it turns out bad I can always wipe it away with metho