Willow Build Thread


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Just picked up my first Tele from Warmoth! I’m having trouble uploading pictures but it looks beautiful - flame maple neck, Olympic White body, rosewood board… First step is going to be electronics for me. I’ll be videoing everything (except for the unboxing, I was too excited to wait haha.)
Build update, I’m forgetful and forgot to order the neck and pickguard screws, but pickups are screwed in and control plate is assembled!
Very cute! This is no longer a guitar build thread, it’s a dog discussion. But in actual build news, progress is going pretty slowly because I’ve been busy recently
My tuners are having trouble fitting in, I ordered the Schaller locking tuners and the holes drilled out for that size. Is it just the finish on the neck, and what would be the best way to scrape that out if so?
I had the same issue with my recent project. Gloss finish on flame maple. I ended up using sandpaper wrapped around an 8mm dowel pin. Worked amazingly well ...

Sandpaper Dowel.jpgSchaller Tuners.jpg
FYI I’m a noob currently working on my first build. I didn’t have any trouble with tuners they just dropped in (gotoh bass satin finish) but I had to ream all the holes in the body to get the pots to fit. I just used progressively bigger drill bits by hand until the pots fit.
Build update, I have no idea what I’m doing with the concentric pots. Should I just abandon that idea for now and order some normal Tele ones? I’ve never done any wiring before and this part is kind of freaking me out haha.