Jazzmaster chambered alder vs non-chambered swamp ash weight


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I'm seeing in this topic (https://www.unofficialwarmoth.com/index.php?topic=33318.0) that a JM chambered alder body weighs around 3,8lbs.

Then on this reverb item (https://reverb.com/item/3796323-warmoth-jazzmaster-body-lightweight-ash-custom-specs-pickguard-bridge-and-tremolo-hardware), I see lightweight ash (which I guess is swamp ash) weights 3lbs 12oz.

Could someone confirm this? I'd like to order a swamp ash body and I'm unsure of chambering it. My other two guitars are chambered ash and I really like how light they are, but I wonder if chambering swamp ash is overkill.
I knew I wanted a jazzmaster body with a strat trem route, and less than 4 LBS, after about a month, one popped up in the ready made body section and I bought it.  Chambered or not didn't matter.  Nothing secret there. 

Plus it was 3.3 LBS.

A lot depends on the wood.  If you don't want to wait ... I suppose you could call warmoth and let them know what you're looking for and they may be able to pull a light piece out of the pile.  Never know unless you ask.  Their number is on their website.

Generally speaking though, Jazzmaster bodies weigh more than 4.5 LBS.  You just got to find the right piece of wood.

The weights you quote are below normal.

PS I've had chambered ash teles, and it's not overkill.  All depends how long you're standing.  If you can find one without chambering that's less than 4 lbs you're good but overkill, why would chambering and having a light body be overkill? 
Lightweight is a call in up charge option.    They basically go through a few blanks and use the lightest. 

Wood varies, I’ve seen chambered bodies weigh more than solid (same body and wood species). 

My alder chambered strat with modern construction neck weighs just over 6lbs.

You can tell the body is super light.

I don't have light weight stuff on it either. I think I could get it below 6 if I wanted to.
Small update: I ended up ordering a chambered Meteora swamp ash body from a Spanish luthier. It has weighed 3'1lb/1'4kg. Very happy! 😊
Nice ... say can you recommend any guitar shops in Barcelona?
I haven't been to guitar shops in Barcelona. The only one I know is this one from having ordered a few times from them, and they were really nice: https://www.fanaticguitars.com/

Anyway, there are so many guitar shops in Barcelona. You could maybe select one random shop and it will likely be good xD