Introducing MayFly Effects pedals

Hi, Trevor - I have received my pedal, but have been out of town and have therefore not had a chance to experiment with it. Needless to say, I'm excited by the prospect!
I got mine as well. Been playing a lot and really loving it. I dialed in a few different sounds across the two sides that I haven't had available before, and I have "officially" stopped looking for Chorus pedals. The Dual Goddess is all I need. Thanks for the killer pedal! Might seem secondary to some, but the artwork is truly exceptional.
You know, I was playing Rumble, and I was thinking to myself, how cool it would be if I didn't have to bend down and twiddle the tremolo knob to adjust the the speed. I've got a delay pedal with an expression input, and it's really cool to send the thing into massive feedback, and I don't have to bend over. That band Kharangbin gave me the idea. Just a thought if there's one in the works. I think earthquaker makes a tremolo with an input. I've got two tremolo pedals, a really old Boss, and a keely, but no expression pedal ;( input.
interesting idea... I have gotten a request for a trem recently. It's on the list for sure....
Hey - would a tap tempo on the trem accomplish the same thing? Or would you prefer the expression pedal?
I gotta do some experimenting! Give me a week or two. I gotta analyse how I use it and how it interacts with the depth knob.
Also, do you care about the funky waveforms that are possible these days? (square, sine, triange, ramp up, ramp down, random, etc...)
A review of the Goddess Chorus!

Unfortunately Tony didn't get it quite right: The blend knob blends between wet and dry signals, not between the two chorus sides...
First thing I analyzed was how I use a tap tempo. I have the tap tempo in my EHX mod 11 (So I have three trem pedals!), and while tap tempo is OK, I imagine an expression pedal is better. The reason I say that is I'm much more accurate when using an exp pedal with my EHX Memory boy deluxe, when I'm adding or subtracting the number of repeats, than if I'm using the tap function. The ehx has both.

Next, I'm going to look at the waveforms, and then how to use them, like if would it be better to just increase the the rate, with the expression pedal, or have it simultaneously increase both the depth and the rate. Fun!
You know, using an expression pedal will certainly be unique. Well, fairly unique...