Introducing MayFly Effects pedals

@mayfly I entered the contest too. Maybe I'm blind but I can't see what are the prizes. Am I missing something?

Good job on the reverb. I'll get a loan and get your pedals :D
Back to the reverb. This is what the second beta tester has to say.

Excellent - lush, complex, nice depth. AND, again I find that I like the sound of my guitar simply plugged into your stomp & both verbs off. It's sweeter -

Noise floor is practically zero. Yet the top end is there! Even my Variax single coil-out of-phase Strat model came thru in all it's brittle glory.

Really like the micro switches with the short throw bats. More robust & less likely to switch accidentally. Suggest that, cosmetically, it would look better if you used the 2nd offset barrel nut so the shaft is just peeking out.

Maybe 2nd generation you should consider DIP switch banks accessible thru a slot hole bc these switches will be set once & never touched again by most of the players. And DIP switch's are economical as well 😎

Silk screen - I assume there are cost implications ... it would be less cluttered if you had the 1/4" + PS i/o labels on the front face. Not a killer.

The 9v 2.5mm connector. Ya, cost & part alignment registration but it would look better if the hole was better shaped/aligned. Not a killer.

At one point I did overdrive the input a tad & the digital hash was unpleasant. I wonder if you could incorporate some sort of gain-staging management in your designs. I mean, I know what I'm doing and recover quickly from whoooopppps moments but I wonder about newbies.

And last - the ambient music market should resonate with this design.

Didn't try it in stereo mode - but will if you can hold off until Sunday to pick it up.

I already know what I'm going to do about the overload issue.
I'll be demoing Mayfly gear at the Drummondville guitar show this Sunday. Stop by if you're in the neighbourhood and I can talk your ear off about pedals. :)

Not far from where my grandmother came from! Bon Chance! Vendre beaucoup de choses! (My french is very rusty)
Too bad, It's my daughter Birthday, or else I would have dropped by to say hello... next time!
Hey! I met Wormbot at the Drummonville show! I have to say that he's such a good player he made all the pedals sound great.

Here's some shots from the show:

And as usual my buddy Darwin had too much stuff to fit in his truck, so I carried a bunch of amps back for him. Including this 100% original silverface princetion:

Hey! I met Wormbot at the Drummonville show! I have to say that he's such a good player he made all the pedals sound great.

Oh thanks! I really appreciate it! Playing with many people around is not something I'm used to.

I got the chance to try all the Mayfly pedals through a Mayfly amp, with an amazing Warmoth guitar, which is not an easy thing in this part of the country. Having them all side by side was really an amazing experience. The chorus is my favorite, and I love the fuzz and the envelope filter too. I'd get all of them in a perfect world.
Almost there on the Reverb pedal. Last minute we re-did the artwork. Why? Because Sabine Elliot (the artist) did not think it was good enough. It's interesting working with someone who is as much as a perfectionist as I am.

Now just waiting for the first batch of PCBs and then we can launch!
Jellyfish Square LoRes.jpg
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ok Ian, the Reverb listing is up. But - since it's a Reverb listing for a Reverb, does that make it a Reverb-Reverb listing? :)