If ya had to pick one guitar for life, which would it be.....Strat or LP, ..or ?


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If ya had to pick one guitar for life, which would it be.....Strat or LP, ..or ?? something else........

Just thought I would see what kind of feedback this gets....

I often find myself bouncing back and fourth between the pros and cons of building a Strat ( My personal favorite ) or the Trusty Les Paul ( the one that looks so Cool hanging low down to the Ground Bad! ).......

I know alot of the guys on here, ( myself included), seem to favor the Strat, but man did Page, Frampton, Skynyrd and so many more ever tear it up with that Les Paul sound or what.....
If I could go into the Anderson factory and try different body/neck shapes, pickup configurations etc, then I would order an Anderson guitar and have it for life. If I have to choose from my guitars, the Gibson SG Special I have from '93 is the home for me. The neck pickup is authentic Gibson tone, the neck although painted black and not so fat as I want it is also home for me. I learned to play in this guitar, SG's are soooo easy to play and I love the shape and sound.

In recent years I started to love the Fender sound, that's why I made my Warmoth strat, the clean Fender sound is phenomenal. SInce I was a kid I love the classic Gibson tone and Les Pauls, but these guitars are hard to play and I would not buy or make one except if I find a Gibson Les Paul with THE sound and I can afford it. If I 'll have one Les Paul I want it to be a set neck Gibson.

I don't think I will be pleased with just one guitar. At least two, for the Fender & Gibson tone...
Boy Thats a tough question, I know it would be one of my 12 strats, but which one? One of the Van Halens replicas? Probably not.

Probably my mohogany body with quilted Maple top and david gilmore pickups, that guitar sings like an opera singer, and the better player I become, the more I fit the guitar.  It's a good question , cuz I have too many guitars and I want more, I figure in 10 more years I'll have 40 guitars

My wife will have 50 pair of shoes................
I love the tone of a Les Paul but I love the comfort of the strat. When it comes down to it though I prefer the one with comfort contours, a vibrato bar and 6 in line tuners. Strat it is.
A "SuperStrat" of some sort or another - I like the 24 frets, the bigger clearance around the horns and I have to have a real humbucker at the bridge, not just a double coil pickup stacked or side-by-side in a single coil space. I like the Allman/Santana tone too much to give it up, just as I like the SRV/Johnson single-coil neck pickup tone.
The guitar I'm gonna build next is most likely going to be a hybrid of the two.  The joys of Warmoth.  Mahogany body strat, maple neck, with an HSH split pickup, sort of setup.  So you can get the big Les Paul tones with the feel of a strat, and even split the coils for a hint at the strat.

If I had to choose though between a true Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Strat though..... Tough.....  I don't think I could live with the thin stratty sounds the rest of my life, but  I just can't do the shortened Les Paul scale length anymore.  Probably in the end I could do a custom shop strat. :)

Hey Beast, why ya makin me choose?  The whole reason I'm here is that I want to build a different guitar for every mood I experience! :laughing3:
Seriously though, for a long time (seemed like a long time anyway, it really wasn't THAT long) my only guitar was my Gibson SG standard, which I love and could never live without, and I guess that if I had to only have the one that would be it.  I love Pauls, and they certainly have a "holy grail" sound, but as has been discussed elsewhere, I wouldn't want a weight-relieved Lester, so the SG is a good compromise of huge humbucker sound and easier playability.  I know they are not everybody's fave,  they're slightly ruder than a Paul, but I really do love mine and IF I had to chose, I guess that would be it.  But please, don't make me chose...........What I really want is one of everything, but as they say, where would I put it all????
it would be.......................a TELE!~

but then I'd go find the guy saying I only
had to have one guitar and bust his chops!
don't bitch to me about weight, my main bass is an all mahogany neck through five string. 

i'd say an lp, but not just any old lp, a warmoth lp. rose wood neck, ebony fretboard, black korina body, sd dime bucker in the bridge and a 59 or some other alnico bucker in the neck. a willky trem, and a varitone switch and some 3 ways for series parallel and out of phase.
nathan a said:
I'd have to say one of my acoustics. Nothin sweeter.

I'd tend to agree with that.  I would take a McPherson Acoustic.

Sir Schmoopie said:
Music Man stingray, Custom, you never stated it had to be stock
This bass is AMAZING!! this and a Rickenbacker one in a Gallien Krueger was the best bass tone I've ever heard! (I believe it was the 800RB, should ask for this information to the bass player!)
Michael1959 said:
nathan a said:
I'd have to say one of my acoustics. Nothin sweeter.

I'd tend to agree with that.  I would take a McPherson Acoustic.

Nice choice.. His neck design is great, though he acts as though he was the first to go with the "cantilevered" neck design. Thomas Humphrey's been doing it since the 80s on his classicals. There's a guy in Brooklyn, Matt Rubendall, who makes the nicest classical I've ever played. I'd love to have one of his.

But I'm very happy with my darling baritone
The 50s-flavored Tele in my brain is supreme above all others.
Easy choice, though it is a good thing I don't HAVE to choose between that and my dream SG.
My korina strat is it...and my 5 string Thumb neck through holds down the bottom end  :icon_thumright: