How to order super wide 1-7/8" necks other than for stratocaster?


I try to make my second Warmoth neck order.

The "Nut Width Options" overview page says, that super wide option is only for Modern constructions necks available. But on the neck order pages I could only find the super wide option for stratocasters. But how to order super wide Telecaster necks or other models? Can anyone help please?

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Thank you rick2 and stratamania,

I have followed your advice and called Warmoth. They said they only offer the Super Wide option for a few necks. One of them is the "Warmoth" neck.

Fortunately, this is the neck type, I was looking for. Previously, I had searched in vain in the options of the almost identical "Vortex" neck and many other necks und couldn't find any. I overlooked the Warmoth neck because I don't need neck binding.

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Thanks for the feedback.

As a footnote: The Warmoth neck does not need to have binding it is just on the current photo when looking at all necks that it has binding on the Warmoth neck showing. Apparently binding is not an option when ordering a super-wide neck according to the builder.

It probably would be worth Warmoth adding to this page...under the superwide option which necks the option is available on in addition to modern construction.