How many Warmoth Instruments do you own?

How many instruments do you own that use a Warmoth neck or body, or both?

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    Votes: 98 35.5%
  • 2

    Votes: 61 22.1%
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    Votes: 33 12.0%
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    Votes: 12 4.3%
  • 5 +

    Votes: 48 17.4%
  • 0

    Votes: 24 8.7%

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Just the one for me.  So Far.
Though I now have plans for a thinline Tele, and Bengal Burst LP Double Cut.

More Warmoth, baby.

Maybe there could be a "how many Warmoths have you ever built?" poll.
Only two here CURRENTLY - but there's a spare neck here, and.. I've built three others that now belong to friends and a good (non music related) customer of mine.
I've still got 10 complete Warmoths + a replacement neck on a bass. Another 5 have founded new relationships.
I've got two, a Strat for my clean and slightly overdriven tones, and a Black Korina VIP for the heavy stuff.  One day I'll also own a P90 Thin Line and a '72 Precision Bass.

Just the one, but I am expecting, and I couldn't be happier...
I hate to admit it, but I out my fender neck on my warmoth surfer and put my warmoth neck on my Fender burst. Now I have a cbs neck with no body  :icon_scratch:
1 complete Warmoth strat, upgradin' an old Squier with a Warmoth neck, and will have a complete Warmoth LP, Soloist, and another Strat by the end of the year.

1 korina/AAAAflamed maple les paul, purplemist burst, rosewood neck/fingerboard
1 singlepiece mahogany/AAAAquilt les paul,trans purple, rosewood neck/fingerboard
1 walnut/koa les paul, ziricote neck, macassar ebony fngerboard
1 mahogany/AAAAquilt fireburst les paul, padouk neck/ebony fingerboard (stil in transit to me, though!)
1 mahogany/AAAflame tobaccoburst les paul, wenge neck, ebony fingerboard (still in transit to me, though!)

and I hope this will be the basis for a BIIIIG Warmoth-family!
I picked 2 because I have a "star" shape guitar - only the body is from Warmoth. Unfortunately I ordered it in bassword and it's so neck heavy that it's almost unusable standing up with a strap. I got it almost 20 years ago. This one I plan to convert to a swamp ash explorer body - I'm thinking that will be better balanced. I'll probably put the basswood body in the fireplace ;)

I also have a LP on the way - so I don't technically own it, but they did charge my credit card so... :)
18 years old, and just got my first about half a year ago. As the years go on, I plan to have many more.
2 full builds , 1 neck finished , 1 bass neck in the closet , and 1 new build under way
2 all Warmoths  Chambered Tele quilt over swamp ash - birdesye maple neck
                          Koa over mahagony G4 with padouk/ebony neck