Here's a bodystyle Warmoth hasn't thought of!


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I hope the link works .... this is just too much!
Obviously this is proof that Bigfoot exists, and plays in a band with other woodland creatures.  It would be funny if they listed it as though it was just found in the woods by a Sasquatch hunter. 
Blue313 said:
My mind instantly went here.
Hahahaha. Ren & Stimpy was the greatest cartoon ever.... :icon_thumright:

"Log rolls down stairs alone or in pairs, rols over your neighbors dog", that's priceless...

About the bass....
Whenever I think of Ren & Stimpy I think of the Log Song.  Then I remember the Rent a Louse episode, Powdered Toast Man, the Nerve Ending Fairy, "Don't Wizz on the Electric Fence", and of course The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen.  And people wonder why my generation has such a demented sense of humor.
Actually, that's kind of cool in a way, but notice that weight wasn't mentioned and no bids were made... If you're not getting ripped off on the shipping, it weighs at least 20 lbs per the UPS calculator
Blue313 said:
My mind instantly went here.

That is exactly the first thing that popped into my head, too.  And then Max had to go posting the toothache vid...  OUCH.  Thanks Max.  :laughing7:
Max said:
I think of that one.

EEEEEeeeeehhhhhhh...... I must be a pathetic wimp, but just lloking at that I get a queasy feeling right in the spot where a racing bicycle saddle hurts when you haven't ridden one for a while...