He cleaned it!!!! WHY?!?!?!?

Vol. Knob

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So I sent my old '44 to the shop to get repaired.  He built a new bridge and bridgeplate.  Took the nasty bow out of the top.  He set it up nicely and did a great job.  It plays incredable. 

However...  he cleaned it.  It had loads of tone-enhancing grime all over it.  There was a nasty smear accross the front from decades of forearms hanging over the front.  All around the edges like additional binding...  All gone...



wow - looks pretty good cleaned up.

He probably does a polish as a matter of course with every guitar that came in.  Didn't you say he worked on it before?  Probably cleaned it then too...  :icon_biggrin:
it looks better clean, But give er a chance, youl'e grunge it up again.

Serious, the retro, antique, vintage look is over rated, new and shiney is IN
Most self respecting repairmen will get a guitar as clean as they safely can, unless told otherwise.  He might have even humidified it.   I think it looks great!

Think of this an excuse to go play outdoors a lot more.  :glasses9:
Wow, it looks great!!  Who's your luthier?  C'mon give us the Shameless Plug
Looks great! Are you upset when your kids wash their hair, too?  :icon_jokercolor:
It looks great clean! I took my LPS in for a tuneup last week and when I got it back all the disgusting grime was gone from my pickup covers...I was so not angry one bit.  :laughing7:
I kid.  I'm actually thrilled.  My only gripe would be that he must be a heavy smoker, when I opened the case I nearly barfed in the soundhole.  After two days the smell of smoke went away.  But I'd not hesitate to use his services again.  I might make it a habit to send it to him for a once over ever couple of years, just because.  He did great work.  

He made the replacement bridge from scratch.  He made the bridgeplate from a peice of maple that came out of an old piano, "Its already had lots of note played through it" are his words, and rhetoric that speaks to my music geek personality.  His name is Keith George, he's certified with Martin, Gibson, and all the other big builders to work on vintage guitars.  He does great work.  And yes, it does look great all cleaned up.

I love the way a grand concert style guitar, like this one, sounds and the notes just jump right off it.  I was considering selling some stuff and buying a Taylor CE114 or CE214, but not now.  It just rings.  I'll try to get some video of the guitar in the next couple of days.  I'm so happy.  I just spent a long weekend down at the lakehouse (okay..trailer....but its a 2 minute drive to the boat ramp!!!), fishing, playing guitar, grilling, drinking beer (Boulevard limited run Smokestack series, Saison).  I couldn't put it down.  It was a great way to get reaquainted with a guitar I'd been playing less and less over the last year due to its issues.  Its so nice to have it back in such good playing condition.

Check out the bridge, and you can see plenty of age in the pics.