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Hi Guys,

i am short before pulling the trigger and would like to double check with you guys before i order. The concept i have in mind is a solid velocity guitar with with a HS config a 24 fret tele neck with a recessed NFT floyd tremolo.

for the wood i consider to take korina with a birdseye maple top. the neck would be a birdseye maple with birdseye maple fretboard (not roasted).

the following questions i have in mind, your input would be very much appreciated:

1. does anybody have experience with this wood combination? can you describe the sound that would here be typical? based on theory i would like to have a body wood that is somewhere in the middle of alder and mahogany and hope to find this in korina?

2. do you think i can expect a good sustain from this combination? is the velocity known for any shortcomings in the sound due to the small form factor?

3. from a weight perspective, do you think the korina body will add enough weight to the guitar so that it not become front heavy?

4. are there experiences with 24 fret necks on the velocity? can you comfortably reach the 24th frets for comfortable shredding?

5. i am considering to chose the 720 mod. do you think that the lower profile will result in a different sustain block requirement for the tremolo? i mean will the 37mm block be too long for this setup and possibly a 32mm is needed in this case? and are normal humbuckers from dimarzio and stacked singlecoils still fit in this setup or is it too flat for many pickups?

6. do you need different neck screws for the 720 mod? i didnt find anything about that in the website?

7. regarding the nut width: do i understand correctly that the size of the nut width also determins the overall width of the fretboard? so a 42mm nut will also result in a slimmer neck around the 12th fret than a 44mm neck? or are all necks the same size and the nut width determines only the string spacing at the nut? i saw the video of aaron where he explains that a 44 would be way too much for him while a 43 is fine. it is hard to understand for me that 1mm will make so much of a big difference. or will the neck grow over distance to the nut further when i select a bigger nut?

8. i dont care for warranty and i dont live in a very humid environment (germany). do you think i could risk to order the neck unfinished and just add on it some oil without bigger luthier work to keep it healthy? or should i go with satin?

9. regarding the body finish, i found two pictures that come pretty close to what i want to have. can you help me identifying if this is rather red dye or transparent red? i assume the jazzmaster have to be transparent red because it seem to be korina where no dye is availabe right? but what about the strat?

10. do you know if the light black burst in the pictures come as a default in red dye or transparent red finishes? or is this an off menu option for additional burst? as it is in the jazzmaster that would be perfect for me.

thanks in advance for helping me on these questions, every input is very much appreciated.



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1 to 4. All subjective, so no comment.

Per 5. The block size is determined by body thickness. The 720 mod does not alter this. 37mm is the block size to go for.

Per 6. You might get away with standard screws, but this should be an area of caution. Check before screwing anything in.

Per 7. Nut width determines the taper along the length of the neck. As the heel width is the same by the time you get to the 12th fret and above, the differences are less noticeable than on the lower frets.

8. What kind of oil? Necks I have done in tru-oil I have had no problems with at all.

9. I am assuming transparent red

10.the black is probably a burst over from the back of the body in black. See linked page below.

Even though I believe the pickups, the pots and the amps/speakers/pedals will affect the sound more than the woods, Korina will always be my wood of choice if I had the option, I recommend it. You'll never know until you try it yourself and experiment with it.

I have a Telecaster with Korina - Quilt Maple top & Flame Maple - Macassar Ebony. The Maple top is thin so I don't think it affects the sound. As far as the neck, if you order a modern construction neck you are safe. Anything else I wouldn't trust Maple with no hard finish, especially figured Maple.

The two Korina bodies I have/had was a Tele with 3lbs 14oz and a Soloist 4lbs 5oz, both solid bodies. I don't think a Korina body will be too heavy, probably middle to light weight.

Nut size is crucial, for example I had tried a strat with with 1-5/8" and I had trouble with chords because the strings were too close. Keep in mind that at the time I was playing guitar for a couple years and I was playing classical guitar with a 1-7/8", maybe now I'd be more comfortable but I wouldn't risk to order a neck with the smallest nut size. All my guitars have 1-11/16" but now 1.650" is available I would try that.
1. Yes. Look at the warmoth website for a description.

2. Yes, good sustain, but depends on your pups. No shortcomings. If you are a small person or like small bodied guitars, you'd like how it feels.

3. No ... geometry is more important when it comes to neck dive. If you're frightened about neck dive get a jazzmaster or strat body. Probably best to go to a store and try what you like.

4. I never play past the 22nd fret so it's a nothing to me.

5. I never use the 720 mod.

7. The only way to know what nutwidth is to try different widths. Your hand can feel a mm difference.

8. Sure you can take the risk, it's your money. Depends on the finish you put on. I found 20 coats of tru oil work just fine. Of course, no warranty ...