Graphite vs. Corian nut


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The site says graphite is warmer and balanced. I am playing jazz, blues, and jazz fusion. I don't care for treble at all. I want warmth and especially character in the mids and upper mids. Here is my setup:

body: mim strat alder
neck: wenge
fretboard: some kind of rosewood.

which nut is better for getting the sound I want? Graphite I am guessing right?


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Graphite isn't graphite... or should we say GraphTech isn't graphite, its just black slippery plastic.  And slippery it is too.

I've used GraphTech and Tusq interchangably, and really haven't thought much about how they changed the tone, it was so slight, if any.
Considering you play on frets most of the time, not open strings, it probably matters less (unless yer a bluegrass banjo player).


Graphtech/Graphite is suppose to have a lubricated benefit to it, so as to eliminate the string binding up in the nut slots.
Try twisting the tip of a sharpened pencil in your nut slots, leaving graphite residue, and tell me if that works or not.

As for Corian, I'm an expert . . . it is a resin based product, produced by Formica. At my job, I cut Corian,and know personally that it is brittle in large sizes (30"X144") that's 2 1/2'X 12' for some of you! Formica produces it for Countertops in Kitchens as a faux Granite/Stone look-a-like product ! It's a fantastic faux Granite/Stone look-a-like product,and you are able to "rub out" scratches,

but for use as a nut, I'm unaware of any superior qualities/benefits !

Again it is TOTALLY produced for Kitchen Countertops.