First Build : Please Meet Valentina


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After long and grueling anticipation, my Warmoth V is finally coming together.  Thanks to everyone that took the time to answer all my stupid questions [typical newbie]!  The neck was delivered several weeks ago and the body came home on Friday.  I am ready to start slappin' her together.  Yes, you will likely see more stupid questions coming your way. 

The Details

Flame maple over Swamp Ash - Contoured heel - 720 mod - Yellow dye top over transparent yellow back - Black accent line
Schaller roller tunematic bridge
Bigsby B500 vibrato

Wenge w/ Jet-black ebony fingerboard - no markers
Planet wave tuners

Rio Grande BBQ Bucker bridge
Rio Grande Genuine Texas neck
500K no load tone pot
Volume pots with treble bleed network
Mallory tone cap
Vintage 1957 cloth wiring

Custom neck plate by Dangerous Dan - If your axe isn't wearing neckwear by Dangerous, it ain't spit

Coming soon:
Custom Jet Black Ebony humbucker rings, knobs, truss rod cover, and back cover from Mr. Gilford at
[This cat does some beautiful custom luthier work]





Thanks again to everyone.  What a great forum!!!  :hello2: :hello2: :hello2: :hello2: :hello2: :hello2:

Looks great!  Nice to see something other than a strat or a tele once in a while  :laughing7:

I'm interested to see how the bigsby will go on...
Thanks Dan and dbw,

All of the pots, caps, and wire came from:

They have some really great and hard to find electronics.  They are in Germany, so there is a bit of shipping delay; but all items arrived within 10 days.  Dirk is a very cool and helpful person.  Highly Recommend!!! :headbang1:
Holy crap that is going to be insane! I can't wait to see it together. :icon_thumright:
Nice! you won't regret the Swamp Ash / Wenge combo... worked great for me!

I guess I still have to get used to the V / Bigsby thing  :icon_smile:
Hey rockskate4x,

Warmoth would not drill the holes for the bridge because I had to have a roller bridge related to using the Bigsby.  Since they don't sell roller bridges, I had to seek one on my own.  I don't think Warmoth felt comfortable drilling holes for a mount not knowing for sure what it would be.  Anyway, no, I am not going to drill them myself.  Not that brave yet!  I am going to have a local luther from Atomic Guitar Works here in Phoenix do that for me. 

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