Finally done** what do ya think?**


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Swampash body, flamed maple top, blue burst finish with natural mask
Highly figured birdseye maple warmoth pro neck with stainless 6105 frets
Bare Knuckles steve stevens sig pickups
schaller mega "E" switch
stellar tone tonestyler tone
bourns volumne pot
wilky vs100 "tight mod"
DR Dimebag 10-48 strings
I love the blue... I always figured that maple would get black inlays if any at all but I'm really liking the MOP!!! Very beautiful....
Think it looks great.  I just hate that Wilkinson only does satin finishes.  I'll never buy one for that reason.  I have to have my hardware match.
I'm about to do a solost in blue - flame maple - if you don't mind my asking, what type/brand of dye to you use? I'm planning to use colortone, but my test pieces seem to be to purple..?

Would love to here what you used, and perhaps about what ratio your mix was?

Thanks much!
Yeah, love the blue flame. Good choice

What the "wilkinson vs100 tight mod"?  I have one of these on my VIP.
Very nice looking guitar man, usually not a fan of those knobs but they work great with the finish :eek:ccasion14:
That's gorgeous

I'd also like to know what the " Tight mod " is.

Do yourself a favour and get one each of these mate, I've got them on all my guitars and it's a huge improvement.
Nice guitar!

I'd also like to hear some other opinions on the brass block. Anyone else using one?
Thats a great looker.

I too am interested in the Wilky 'Tight mod'.. I';ve got one on my W Strat....

How do you find the BKP Steve Stevens Rebel Yell set?  I've got a Rebel Yell Bridge bucker in my LP and I think it's fantastic.

The "Wilky Tight Mod" is something I learned when working for a Guitar repair shop. There is more than one type of Wilkinson tremolo. But for the last 10 or so years they have been built sloppy. I completely disassemble them, de-burr it sand & buff all friction points and reassemble everything with lok tite, then I bake it at 100 for 20 minutes. Sounds stupid... but it will never fall apart, becomes easily adjustable and becomes as stable as a fixed bridge. Holds tune 100% better.  As for the Pick ups, Google "Bare Knuckles" pickups in the UK. They made a slight mod for me which really helped soften the harsh tone I knew I would get from my set up. Now I have that Jazzy clarity I was looking for while still getting creamy overdriven tone ala Gilmour I desired.