Figured Top Body Blanks!


How about body blanks pre-routed, choice of body wood and figured top wood? Personally I would love to get a Korina blank with a Quilted Maple top, rear routed s, x, h, and recessed OFR, one volume, one tone, 3 way toggle.

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Something similar is being worked on currently. We'll see if it all comes to fruition soon. Thanks!
I'd like to have a mahogony body/figured koa top body blank made with the no-tilt neck pocket, recessed floyd routed & studs installed, & direct mount humbucker cavitys routed out, the leave the body shape & control cavities to me to finish.  

In turn, I'd also want to have a 24 fret, 24 /34 scale mahogony neck with a nice ebony fretboard, ss 6100 frets, paddle headstock.  The main thing is though, I'd want the neck to go flush with the end of the fretboard, like the Ibanez necks.  I don't care for fretboard hangovers.  Just my personal preference.  I notice a slight loss of sustain & volume on the extended area's.

I'd have to have some dimension modifications on the blank though, my body style widens out at slightly over 15 inches at the widest point, & the upper cutaway extends nearly to the 12th fret of a 24 fret 24 3/4 scale neck.  Then again, the guitar I'm modeling this after is a neck through.

Here's a pic of my neck through custom I designed & had built 11 years ago.


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It very well could be. 
When I quit gigging in 2002 just before my 36th birthday, I weight 138 lbs soaking wet.  I weighed the same since I was 15.  My metabolism was always fast, I'd have to eat 3000 calories a day to maintain my body weight.  If I skipped a meal, I'd lose 3-5 lbs by the next. & I've been drug free since I was 17 in 1983. :hello2:

Then, I walked off stage for the last time in Jan-02, & within a few months I put on 30 lbs, eventually up another 10 to 178 lbs, but I shed that & have been rolling around at about 165 since.

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If I were still in a band, we'd be heavier, & a little deeper front to back on acount of this "dunlap", but I'm not any wider. :rock-on:
Hey Tony Nice looking guitar,  I am not a big fan of non traditional shapes, but for some reason i like that one, especially the headstock design.

Did you design this guitar yourself?  do you have copyrights on the headstock, can i use it?