EVH "Brown Sound" Challenge


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TBurst Std said:
Not quite right. Guitar signal was run into the AXE-FX as well as a separate dry signal straight. Both then into an AI / DAW. The dry was then reamped into my plexi and cab, miked and recorded into the DAW. So 3 separate tracks from one playing instance. I omitted the dry signal and hard panned the AXE left and the plexi right.

So the dry signal was like direct injecting into the board (DAW in this case) straight from the guitar with perhaps only a signal splitter between guitar and DAW?

As far as guessing, like I said it's nigh impossible to determine the right guitar due to the echo on it.  I made the guess of Fractal on the right
simply because the Fractal has built in FX and a plexi does not.

Just for ear testing sake, would you do another clip without echo?  Mix up the pans again and I'll see if I can pick the tubes from the SS.


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Regarding studio FX on say Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love & You Really Got Me:

A lot of people making clips of these tunes pan dry guitar hard left and delay/echo hard right.

However, if you listen carefully, you'll hear:


L Guitar - has the echoplex set to somewhat slapback delay with no feedback (single repeat, that is)

R Guitar - echo chamber and low in the mix


L Guitar -  dry

L+R Guitar - echo chamber low in the mix


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I'll have a go.
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Digitech RP500 into DAW
One track in stereo, a couple of clips - I think AT'BL is in the 'wrong' key (I've not tuned down) and I don't know any others so added some Panama  :dontknow: :redflag: