Ebony neck and quilt top just home


Hello to everone!
I´m new here and also a first time Warmoth builder. I ordered an alder Stratbody with quilt top and an ebony neck from the Showcase a couple of days before christmas. I´ve been looking at Warmoth for some time and the ebony neck made it. I just had to build a guitar with this neck. So I found a beautiful body witth a nice tobacco sunburst finish to go. Now I have been reading some not so positive things about Warmoth lately, so I was a bit uncertain about what to expect. But when my pieces arrived a couple of days ago I was stunned! Perfect fit, finish, feel! Just beatiful! And the customer service was top notch!
I´ve just put the neck on and the feel of this guitar is sensational. I usually play lightweight Strats. This guitar feels totally different, mainly because of the neck. It´s hard, heavy and incredebly smooth. Feels almost like marble, exept it´s not cold. It rings for days!
Now I´m just waiting for the pickups to arrive so I can complete this project. Two humbuckers from Curtis Novak! This  aint no regular Straocaster  :toothy10:
Anyway, terrific quality, great stuff!
I´ll post some pictures wheen it´s done!

All the best
Wow did I read this correctly? An ebony neck, cool! :headbang1:

It's an ebony neck, and fretboard too? Should sustain all day!

I, too, would love to see some pics of this guitar when she's finished.

Best of luck with the project.
Sounds great, look forward to seeing it. Maybe post some teaser pics before it's done..  :eek:ccasion14:

Where've you been reading smack about Warmoth? Not ed roman I hope...
I´m working on the setup right now and it´s beginning to feel just right. Pickups at the postoffice so I can collect them after the holidays and put this guitar together!
Yep the neck is ebony and the fretboard is too. Strange when the neck feels almost heavier than the body...
But it plays, and feels just awesome. And I don´t care ´bout Mr Roman. There is some entertaining reading on his site though.
Most of the negative stuff I read about Warmoth comes from Harmony Central and TGP. No big deal. I guess if you don´t know what you want, you want get it. Right?
Anyway here are some teasers

And man I can´t wait to play this thing with my JCM 800

All the best
Very cool combination of neck wood & body. Congratulations and welcome to the board.  :icon_thumright:
OMFG that ebony neck is KILLER :headbang1: :headbang1: :headbang1: :headbang1:  I guess it's the showcase one w/ the SRV contour?  And matches that body perfectly!!  wow.
I can't believe you were reading bad stuff about Warmoth!  I've never heard ANYTHING bad about them.

Regardless, this guitar you're building is tight!  I love the quilt on that body and the finish is really nice.  Did you get your pickup mounting rings from Warmoth or somewhere else?

Also, why the Vintage tremolo?  Why not Floyd or Wilkinson?
I got my pickups today so now I´m ready to finish this baby. I will post some pictures in the Gallery when she´s done.
Yes the neck is a Showcase part, as is the body. Standard thin profile. As for the pickup rings, they´re ebony and I found them here http://www.pickuprings.com/ Extremely well made, and looks terrific with the neck. The knobs are ebony too :icon_smile:
I don´t like locking type tremolos. I prefer the vintage type. This is a Callaham and I really like his stuff. The quality is oustanding, and you can make them stay in tune just fine. A Graptech nut helps too.