ebony fingerboard stain, on rosewood boards

nathan a

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Here's a question about that black fingerboard stain stewmac sells to make streaked ebony fingerboards blacker.

I have just bought an inexpensive banjo (I know, I know. But I LIKE banjos) and it has a rosewood fingerboard, but it is really light and doesnt look very good with the rest of the instrument. I thought maybe I could use this stain to make it darker? Would this work, or is it a bad idea because of the large pores + oiliness of rw versus ebony?



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Because the banjo solo follows it.

Yah stain it, but you dont need that stuff to do it (although its good).
Any dye type black will do it.  You can find local lather dye perhaps.
FWIW, leather dyes are very good on wood.

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