Just ordered my first build! Gold flake double bound tele w/rosewood neck and ebony fingerboard!


3FB4071B-AFD6-4337-B72B-BD6F9463E8E0.pngHey y’all! Just wanted to share that I ordered my first ever build! Definitely went all out on this one too. The body is swamp ash and will be painted in gold flake, double bound with white binding. The neck is rosewood and the fingerboard is ebony, with white binding. Stainless jumbo frets and a white tusq nut.

Ordered the fralin stock tele pickups, black/white/black pickguard, gotoh vintage tele bridge with in-tune saddles, schaller locking tuners, all the wiring and screws, and the chrome warmoth logo (should pop against the rosewood!)

Really stoked to get working on this! Not looking forward to the wait but it’ll definitely be worth it!
I did some work on it tonight, the one snag I seem to have hit so far is the bridge ferrules don’t want to go in AT ALL. I’m imagining it has something to do with the thicker flake paint job. Anyone have any ideas on a good way to fix this issue?