Dimarzio D Activator

I don't have the review with me now, but the guitar gets a great review in Guitar World with Eddie Van Halen on the cover.  The pickups sound excellent.  Look out for the issue, if you're interested.  Otherwise, I will try to get the quote of the pickups from the review.
Actually, that issue is were i got the idea from. The review was pretty good so i was wondering if i could get a second opinion.

Speaking of that issue, Eddie is lookin great isn't he?
I dunno 'bout that pickup, but Eddie is looking way better. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he was looking like the crypt keeper.
Funny that I just found this thread.  I put a pair of them in a 61 SG RI and promptly took them out!  Too brite for my taste, no depth, in fact tinny sounding.  Maybe it was the SG?
Thanks for that link Jule. It really helped My decision.

I must agree with SpookyTooth. It doesn't really match my tastes either.

I think i'll stick with a duncan 59 in the neck

And by the way CD, I actually cried when i first laid eyes on the "crypt keeper" pic

But i sort anti-cried when i saw these new pics. Anti-crying sends all my tears back into my eyes. So it's as if i never cried at all!
I went to Tacoma to the GC there, played a new Ibanez V with these loaded in it, played it through a JSX.  They rock, they'll hold their own for metal, they clean up enough for some more vintage types of tones, and in the center position, it cleaned up very nice for the clean channel.

My only recomendation would be that they use the JPM wire scheme that utilizes the inner coil of each pickup in series while in the center position.  This is like a tele with both single coils selected, which is pretty much the cleanest clean tone I believe is obtainable.

Other than that, I'll likely be utilizing these in both my sixers & 7's for continuity.