Cherry Burst Strat


Just got the body and bolted the neck and trem...  Those were the only things I could do that didn't require ME drilling a hole yet.  I'm going to mount the pickguard and output jack next (still waiting for tuners).  I guess using masking tape and sharp drills is the key to not chipping the finish.  Man, I'm soooo nervous to drill the first hole..


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Blue tape is dead cheap, use it like there's no tomorrow!

PS: She's right purty.

That´s a sweet sweet finish.
I´m looking for something similar for my first Strat ever.
willyk said:
-CB- said:
I think it is, he just lives near the equator.

Is it because I live in Australia that all my guitars are upside down? :doh:

No, it's the backwards flushing toilets that frighten us here in the colonies.
Really nice strat there.

If you're nervous about drilling with a dremel, try a twist gimlet.

3mm one is IDEAL for strat pickguard screws.

I used mine exclusively on my strat build. Just tape up the finish.


Alfang said:
Hey, can you re-post that pick right side up? I bet it will look good then

I guess that was the Inverse-Hendrix-handed version.......  :laughing7: 

All better now!