Checked out some local stuff this weekend.


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As some of you may know, I live in Puyallup, just about 2 miles from Warmoth.  My wife, Tina, and I just moved here last month for a job.

Well, Thursday the 16th was our 4 year anniversary, so we put our heads together & decided to celebrate by taking a short drive up to Renton, Wa to visit the grave of Jimi Hendrix, and then we zipped over to Seattle to visit the Experience Music Project Museum and Science Fiction Museum. :party07:

Cool stuff, lot's of interactive & educative stuff to do.  There's also live music in the park every Thursday, and movies in the park every Saturday during the summer.

Anyway, just a rant of what's cool about this area, in addition to Warmoth.
ive got a buddy that lives in tacoma and plays in a black sabbath type band called golden pig  they just got signed if you get a chance to see them live check it out
Go downtown Seattle to Ivars restraunt and order the halibut with the mushroom sauce, it's awesome.

And I hear from buddies that theres a bunch of better restraunts up there too, I need to get up and try them, 

You a Mariners and seahawks fan Yet?  I've been to SafeCo field a few times it's a great ballpark. Not been to the seahawks since they blew the KingDome.

They used to serve king beers, about a 1/3 gallon cup of beer that got warm way too soon, no matter how fast you tried to drink it.

That's a great area, try the ferry boats, go to whidbey island,  you and the wife can spend years exploring the culture up there, that whole area reminds me of the bay area, they both have a sorta culture, here in portland  (oregon) we have cops that like to shoot people for nor wearing a seatbelt.

If I was gonna move, and weather was not an influence, I would move up there.  also, having grown up in the specific northwest, green is over rated, i wanna go find some brown country,  the rain gets old after 50 years. 

Welcome to our neighborhood......
That would be the Royal Bear. Nice, big stage.

Hmm it didn't mention the TTs and Beer, I guess its just assumed.

(TT's are Tourist Trophy bikes, use in real road racing, such as the famous "Isle of Man" races)
I did the ferry boat up across Puget Sound to Victoria, B.C. & Nanaimo then into Vancouver B.C. on tour once back in '83.  I always hoped I'd get back up here.

I'm not much of a drinker, a glass of wine now & then, once in a great, great while I'll enjoy a cold beer, but getting drunk is not my thing.  I prefer being sober minded always.  I've seen too much damage to those in my ethnicity, as well as fellow musician friends whom weren't good at setting personal limits.

There is much about this area that reminds me of the Bay Area.  Kinda makes me miss those days of gigging around from my old stomping grounds of Concord, Ca, down into the San Jose Area.

There's a great local paper mag called "The Stranger" that is sorta like Bam Magazine was to the Bay area.  There are loads of restaurants to check out, as well as the club life with local music.

I'm hoping to see Steve Vai at the Moore Theater next month.